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bboa -> Social distancing (3/22/2020 2:53:21 PM)

Hi Conceptis - would you consider making 2 puzzles available for free each week right now since so many of us are on lockdown in our homes? Social distancing would be less boring if we had more puzzles to work on!

dave -> RE: Social distancing (3/22/2020 3:21:55 PM)

We are looking into various ways how to provide more free puzzles, and hope to do something soon.

Cheers, Dave

ergomargo -> RE: Social distancing (4/3/2020 5:05:26 PM)

Thanks for the free puzzles! I was going through my normal ones pretty quickly. You guys are the best!!

jorgepp -> RE: Social distancing (4/15/2020 6:46:53 PM)

Thanks dave!

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