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Mal -> Logic Paradise (3/10/2013 4:28:58 AM)


I have a general query regarding the Logic Paradise magazine.

Usually, answers are provided for the previous issue. However, the latest issue for April/May is missing the answers for the February/March issue which, of course, contains the yearly double sided mega puzzles. I'm curious as to whether this was intentional or a mistake. Answers do come in handy for those times when you are stuck!

Thanks for any help.


conceptisjp -> RE: Logic Paradise (3/11/2013 5:23:23 AM)

LogicParadise is always offering a present to their puzzlefans so
there is a due date when people have to send a card (with answer/puzzle solution) to LogicParadise(Gakken).
i heard that Gakken set up a longer due date (with an extra month) since Feb/Mar issue so
you must find the answer with Jun/Jul issue.

Conceptis JP

Mal -> RE: Logic Paradise (3/12/2013 7:09:46 AM)


I understand now. Thank you!

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