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AllenRubinstein -> Neigh! (8/31/2009 6:44:28 PM)

What's the deal with you guys and horses?

Lots of different animals out there. Deer, elephants, duckbilled platypus.

Cars too. Trucks and old cars.

shriramit -> RE: Neigh! (8/31/2009 7:30:38 PM)

Dear Allen,
we are making thousends of puzzles each year so it is unavoidable that there will be some horses around.
Nevertheless, we are making our best to diversified our content as much as possible, so lots of other animals also appear in our puzzles.

Claudia -> RE: Neigh! (9/1/2009 10:00:40 PM)

Speaking of variety, I particularly liked the Brazilian building that appeared this week or last. Hurray for architectural variety too!

AllenRubinstein -> RE: Neigh! (9/2/2009 6:12:35 AM)

Okay, I just finished that puzzle, and it wasn't a horse. It was a cow. Now I feel really dumb.

Cows are similar to horses anyhoo. Well, they have hooves. They're closer to horses than ducks.

Just ignore me.

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