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katezareba -> Desktop games - adobe issue (3/25/2014 4:48:47 AM)

HI, when I try to save my desktop game progress I keep getting the information about permission to store information on my computer but none of the buttons is working. i can't play any games. I had this issue on my surface pro so I've downloaded the games onto laptop - it worked for a while and then this message keeps popping on. what shall I do? Thanks


dave -> RE: Desktop games - adobe issue (3/25/2014 6:47:08 PM)

This problem has been discussed several times in the forum, which you can find using the search word "storage" (and probably some other words related to this problem). Here is an example of one discussion:苵

Hope this helps

Thanks, Dave

katezareba -> RE: Desktop games - adobe issue (3/25/2014 9:07:38 PM)

I hope i'm responding to Dave the Expert - many many thanks Dave! I went to technical support and I haven't found any subject there that's why I posted new question. That was my first one! Thank you once again for your support and pointing me out in the right direction. I hope it will work this time. All the best. Kate

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