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marced -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/29/2007 7:22:06 PM)

I have been trying to down load the nonogram files off Izak's eSnips and each time it is finished and I try to open I get an error message that "the zipped file is invalid or corrupt" - any thoughts. Please help


lekahe -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/30/2007 9:54:24 AM)

Nothing useful I think...
It sometimes happens to me, too. Usually the second try succeeds.


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/30/2007 2:19:41 PM)

Since I believe Leena is right that GUL-158 is not a valid puzzle I have deleted it and my next upload will no longer include it.

I am now working on the Nonograms from the Austrian website Janko and have so far reworked the first 100. At this point there are already 5 of them that PicPuz cannot solve which I am leaving in a special folder titled "JAN - Problems". Although there are only 460 that were coverted by whoever did them originally there are a few hunfred more of them on the website and I will try to get them all included in the collection. Any additional puzzles that PicPuz cannot solve will be put into the JAN - Problems file. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can come up with a reasonable solution for these puzzles they email them to me so that I can add them to the collection.

Once I have finished with Janko I will be using the same procedure with the two Kulichki collections and the 900 or so in the LH collection.

Happy Solving


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/30/2007 2:59:17 PM)

Since there have been numerous requests from members for pdf versions of all the types of puzzles I will try to clarify somewhat the situation with these image files.

There are basically three different types of pdf puzzle files.

A) Scans or screenshots of puzzles published either in print or on a website. The main disadvantage with these files is that besides for the bulkiness of these files the degree of their clarity varies and in some cases is very poor. Each publication or website has it's own way of presenting these puzzles which can also confuse some puzzle solvers.
Due to these factors once I have these puzzles satisfactorily converted to PicPuz I delete them.

B) Clean pdf puzzle and solution files generated by the puzzle software itself. Of these I have have found Coceptis's to be the easiest to work with so wherever I have found them available I have included them in my collections. Although these files are still bulkier than PicPuz itself they are still much smaller than those from scans or screenshots. I believe that most if not all members of this forum feel the same way. Again it would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any Conceptis pdf files that I have overlooked that they email them to me so that I can add them to the collection for the enjoyment of other members.

C) The files generated by the program PicPuz itself. These files, although not quite upto the quality of Conceptis's own, are still fairly easy to use and are also much smaller than the scans or screenshots. They are also much cleaner. In her collections Leena has included most of these for both puuzles and solutions to make it easier for those members who prefer this format. I however have not included them in my collections due to consideration of the increasing size of my collections. Any member who would like these files for any of the puzzles or solutions in my collections not provided by Leena can do so easily thenselves from within the PicPuz program. In many of her postings Leena has identified the freely available additional software needed to save the Picpuz screenshots and then print them. If any member has difficulty with this procedure they should just post a request for clarification on one of these forums and I am sure that whichever of us has the time to do so so will respond to the member with additional details.

I hope this answers most, if not all, of the questions some of the members seem to have.

Happy Solving


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/30/2007 3:46:29 PM)

A new cumulative file for Nonograms - (A-M) has just been uploaded to esnips. I have deleted the invalid GUL-158. The first 100 puzzles from the Austrian website Janko have been processed with the 5 puzzles not solvable by PicPuz segregated in the folder "JAN - Problems".

Happy Solving


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/30/2007 4:15:35 PM)

I have just uploaded to esnips a new file for my Text files. Please note that the two most important individual files are the cross-reference and the table of abbreviations.

Since there have been several requests in the these forums recently for Easter Egg puzzles and the Weekly Review ones I have facilitated their addition with the codes CEE and CWRP respectively.

At the moment I am concentrating my efforts on converting and verifying as many Nonogram collections as possible, which as most of you know is quite time consuming, it would be greatly appreciated if those of you that have either a patrtial or complete list of the cross reference data for these puzzles could make them available for
inclusion in the large cross reference table. This should help with situations like the byak/girl2 puzzle situation that just came to light last week.

The reason I am using a low tech text file for these listings is that although a word processing or database program would be able to do a much better job it would be difficult to determine which one to use as everyone has their own preference in these programs. I myself have Microsoft Word and Microsoft Access but how many of you would be satisfied if I used them. These programs tend to be very expensive and in some cases prohibitively so for many forum members.

From past corresponce with Leena I know that she would prefer Microsoft Word but I would like to hear from a larger number of members what would work best for them.

Please bear in mind that the ideal process would be to use a database program since this would facilitate the calling up of puzzles by the largest variety of handles.

Looking forward to hearing members suggestions.

Happy Solving


marced -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/30/2007 4:35:21 PM)


Nothing useful I think...
It sometimes happens to me, too. Usually the second try succeeds.


Leena, I have tried three times - same thing happens


lekahe -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/30/2007 4:45:27 PM)

I have solved all the Janko puzzles I converted and saved solutions for the problematic ones I found. I'll send the solutions to you. If you started from the beginning they are probably not the same I'll send. I have had not time to check your folder for a while.

As for the database, it was Excel I suggested.
Even if you you use MS programs, that should not be a money problem to anyone.
There is a great free software Open Office which can open MS Office files ( ).

The reason I can not use it myself even though I am otherwise against certain expensive, not fully tested, compulsory programs certain big companies expect us to use are the mathematical expressions. Last time I tried they did not work with Open Office very well.


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/30/2007 5:33:35 PM)

Thanks again Leena.

So far you seem to be the only one looking to make any recommendations.

If I am not mistaken Excel is not a database program but a spreadsheet. I beleive that a database like Access would be the preferred way to handle these collections. If the tables are built and maintained correctly it should be very easy to call any puzzle by puzzle type, size, title etc since either the puzzles themselves or a direct link to them would be an object in the table itself so once a user would have located a puzzle they would like to do all they would have to do would click on it's identifying number and it would automatically open the puzzle or solution linked to it. Access handles this extremely well. Another point to bear in mind is that English is not the first language for many members and by using Access it would be possible for any member to provide a title in their preferred language for any given puzzle since fields for any requested language could easily be added to the database table and data for it would be accepted within reason from any member. Access also easily facilitaes generation of meaningful reports in easily readable formats. I would be able to basic generic ones included with the collections but anyone could easily create their own tables using whatever language they desire for the titles. Although I myself have used Access extensively I did not use it here because a lot of members do not have it and would find it's cost prohibitive. That is why I have asked for suggestions from other members.

About this free Open Office software that you mention it might well be an effective way for letting those who do not own Access to utilize Access files. I however would not be able to work on this myself until I haved finished with the conversions and solvability of what I have which is thousands of puzzles.

The truth is that a project like this should really be a team effort with several members participating in it and sharing their ideas rather than squabbling with each other. If any other member, Senior or otherwise, would like to participate in this project I would gladly give them what I believe are the specifications and procedures for building it. Don't forget that so far I am working primarily with Pic-a-Pix (Nonograms) only. An ideal project should however handle all the picture logic pozzles which would make it enjoyable in a meaningful way to a much larger solving audience.

Hoping I have clarified my position somewhat.


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/31/2007 8:54:25 AM)

A new file for Text files has just been uploaded to esnips reflecting the acquisition of a couple of new publications which include Nonogram collections.

Happy Solving


Cyclone -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/31/2007 12:38:49 PM)

How are you planning to use Access to database the collections? I am intrigued by this as I myself have used Access for numerous applications.


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/31/2007 2:19:09 PM)

The same way as all the Nonogram websites do. It would be surprising if Conceptis are not using some database or other in their new website. For that matter how do think Conceptis or any other puzzle publisher keeps track of their puzzle inventory and distribution. They may be using some other database software but this is a classic database situation if anything is.If you want to discuss this in detail call me at 718-265-4700 and I will clarify it.


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/31/2007 9:31:41 PM)

A newly cumulative file for Nonograms - 1 (A-M) has just been uploaded to esnips. Included are the solutions to the 5 problem Janko puzzles which was kindly provided by another member, reworkings of another 100 Janko puzzles and a new 15 puzzle collection from CBS.

Happy solving


Talihoe -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/31/2007 11:58:07 PM)


You asked for feedback re Access vs text files etc.

I do NOT have MS Word or MS Access or Excel.

I DO have Notepad and Wordpad for text files, WordPerfect for word processor and MS Works which has database and spreadsheet capability.

I've used WordPerfect for years because it is more powerful and easier to use than MS Word. I'm so heavily entrenched at this point I don't think I'll ever change. I can import a Word document and it will convert it but in the past it only worked well with a basic Word file with no bells and whistles as any special formating is lost. I haven't tried it on my latest version to know if it's improved.

MS Works does NOT import or export directly to or from an Access or Excel file. I've only used it for one application and I'm not really happy with it. It doesn't have enough capabilities and power to do what I want to do. I've never used the spreadsheet part of it.

I don't know about downloading software, even if it is free, just to view one or two files and I certainly don't want to put money out for it. Why should I clutter up my disk and waste the space for software just to read a couple files?

The search and link to click and start a puzzle sounds interesting and a very nice feature, however, not having Access and not likely to purchase it, it's a feature I'm not likely to take advantage of. Though you could still do this for those with Access, then save the Access file as a PDF. Can you do this within Access or can Primo save a multi page document? By providing the file in both formats everyone can view the info in PDF and those with Access could have the extended features.


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (6/1/2007 12:20:09 AM)

Hi Patti,

You have hit the nail on the head. this is exactly why althogh I have Access and Word I am not using them for these collections. This is also why I feel that this should be a team effort to come up with a procedure that should meet with the satisfaction of the lathest number of members. Leena has mentioned free software by the name of Open Office which might be a solution. We must however wait to hear the comments and concerns of a larger number of members before anyone, myself included, can make any specific recommendations.
Another thing to bear in mind is that a lot could be done with an upgraded version of PicPuz but there is no point in doing anything until we see what the new Conceptis website will do and what software, if any, they will have available for us to use with non Conceptis puzzles.

For now all we can do is wait for the new website and gather comments, requests and recommendations from other members so that we can determine our best approach at that time.

Thank you for your participation in this discussion.


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (6/1/2007 12:39:30 AM)

While reworking the Janko puzzles I seem to have encountereda roadblock. I recognized that JAN-014 and JAN-233 are the same puzzle. Since I am not the one who originally converted these puzzles and I can't remember who it was who did I went to the website itself and find that a lot of the puzzles are incorrect and/or duplicates. Currently they have a total of over 750 Nonograms in their archives. I have also discovered that a lot of these puzzles are coming from other sources including who seem to have almost 2,000 Nonogram puzzles available in theirs. Turkzeka is asking for $7 for six months access to their archives which should be ample time for downloading screenshots of them. If I can find the time for this project at a later date I will probably do so and convert them to PicPuz. I would then add cross-reference details to my text files for all Janko puzzles coming from TurkZeka. My next step would then be to add the remaining puzzles to this collection with the JAN- identifier.

I am therefore discontinuing my work on the Janko puzzles for the moment. Everything I have done till now through JAN-233 will be included in my next upload.

Happy Solving


lekahe -> RE: New puzzle collections (6/1/2007 1:12:30 AM)

The Janko site puzzles have several authors. Here are 3 I found with a brief search:
1) Autor: Hermann Kudlich
2) Autor: Yilmaz Ekici, Quelle:
3) Autor: Vadim Teriokhin, Quelle:

The problem with is not the prize, but the way they want it. An international money transfer !!!
That costs way too much for 7$ worth a bill.

Many of the East Europian websites have same puzzles, maybe because of same authors. The program from (not .net) comes with selections that have Conceptis puzzles among them!

I lost track long time ago and I have converted part of the Janko Puzzles, but I have done them in a long period of time. Some seemed familiar but I decided it was not worth my effort to cross-reference them


PS. I think Conceptis has no interest to provide us with software to use with other than their own puzzles

izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (6/3/2007 6:07:29 PM)

A new file for Nonograms - 1 (A-M) has just been uploaded to esnips.The scans for LP-2003-01 have been removed as they are duplicates of LP-2002-02. I am waiting to hear which is the correct issue number and if 2003 is correct I will change it on those in the collection. This results in the file size being reduced by over 31 megabytes.

Happy Solving


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (6/3/2007 7:10:57 PM)

A new cumulative file for Page-a-Day Brainteasers has just been uploaded to esnips.

Happy Solving


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (6/3/2007 9:35:24 PM)

I have been kindly provided with clean scans of almost all the puzzles in both Kulichki websites and the website by another forum member. While they are being converted the scans are included in my collections but as I convert them I shall be deleting the scans thus bringing down the size.

Happy Solving Isaac

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