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izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/8/2007 8:49:32 AM)

Hi solvers,

I have just finished uploading to esnips the new cumulative file Nonograms - 1 (A-M).

Among other revisions and additions it includes the following new magazine conversion to PicPuz:

Games Magazine November 2006
Games Magazine April 2007
Games Magazine July 2007

Games World of Puzzles July 2005
Games World of Puzzles July 2006
Games World of Puzzles March 2007
Games World of Puzzles May 2007

Between them they contain 55 puzzles and solutions all of them from Conceptis.

Happy solving


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/9/2007 3:03:09 AM)

Hi puzzlers,

I have recently obtained scans of Shchor Uptor issues 72 & 75 and Tplahav has just emailed me a scanned copy of the current issue 88.

I have added the cross-references to all three of these to the new text files that I have just uploaded to esnips. The PicPuz conversions should be included in my Conceptis - Pic-a-Pix file and uploaded to esnips in another few days.

Happy solving


rcubero -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/9/2007 11:46:37 PM)

Isaac, where have you inserted the scanned puzzles from Tplahav?
I've visited your esnipweb but I couldn't find them.

izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/10/2007 2:12:19 AM)

Hi Rosa,

I am not adding the scans because they take up too much space. What I am doing is converting them to PicPuz. I expect to finish with all three issues in the next two days or so. The cross-references have already been uploaed to esnips Text Files file.

Since I have already finished all the small ones I will make a special upload of Conceptis - Pic-a-Pix for you today. The last 29 large ones should be included in my next upload which I expect to make on Sunday.



rcubero -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/10/2007 10:43:52 PM)

Thanks Isaac. Now it's clear.

izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/11/2007 12:24:21 AM)


You are welcome.

Did you get the email I sent you last week about the Spanish puzzle magazines?


rcubero -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/11/2007 2:22:08 AM)

I haven't received anything.
My e-mail is in Conceptis web.

izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/11/2007 6:38:57 PM)

I have just uploaded to esnips a new Pic-a-Pix file which includes today's new puzzles and all puzzles from Shchor Uptor issues 72 & 75.

Happy solving and have a good weekend.


rcubero -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/11/2007 9:13:10 PM)

Thanks Isaac for the new ones. I have received your e-mail. Perhaps the old one was deleted since I don't identified your mail-name.
I'll revise my old puzzles to see what I have and I'll tell you something.

izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/13/2007 9:26:00 AM)

As promised a new Pic-a-Pix file has just been uploaded to esnips. It includes all puzzles in Shchor Uptor issue 88.

Happy solving


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/13/2007 10:29:03 PM)

A new Pic-a-Pix file has just been uploaded to esnips. The puzzles in Hanjie issue 71 have been coverted and added.

Happy solving


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/15/2007 4:43:08 PM)

Hi solvers,

A new Nonograms - 1 (A-M) file has just been uploaded to esnips. The 50 Nonogram (Hanjie) puzzles from The Essential Book of Japanese Puzzles have been added with their solutions.

At this time I would like to mention that to date I have received hardly any feedback from other solvers as to whether they are interested in these collection files or not. On the contrary some of the senior forum participants seem to have expressed dissatisfaction in direct emails to me. In fact one forum contributor who had originally shared with a lot of material appears to have cancelled my invitation to their esnips folders for some reason or other. I would therefore appreciate hearing what the wish of other solvers out there is regarding these files preferably by replies to the forum rather than by direct email.

Happy solving


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/15/2007 4:47:12 PM)

Thanks to Beate in Germany for providing the PicPuz solution to The Laughing Cavalier. It will be included in my next Pic-a-Pix upload which should feature the new coversions for Hanjie issue 68 and is expected to be completed in the next few days.

Happy solving


lekahe -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/15/2007 7:25:34 PM)

Very well, since you wanted I will now give my criticism publically instead of the e-mail I sent.
I am the senoir member Isaac is referring to.
One correction though: You still have access to all my files most of the members have access to. I removed your name only from the folder which I have for my closest friends who for some reason or other have restricted access to puzzle sites (work computer restrictions), travel from one place to the other or have mailboxes which don't accept my mail because of size restrictions or attachment type destrictions. It was also a folder where other members could upload files to my use.

The reason for banning you is related to that possibility. You downloaded files and published[:@] the member who had uploaded them. I have many friends who want to stay totally anonymous.

I know that some people want also credit for their contribution but I am not one of them. Earlier I asked you not to give me too much credit with no success. At least my friends have to be safe!!!

Altogether your starting these files was a bit odd. You never asked anyone permission to use our files. What bothers me most is that your files are Public!. That means that anyone using internet, member of Conceptis or not, has access to them.
A quote from Dave's e-mail to me: "In short, I believe in the value of freedom and letting people decide by themselves what they should and shouldn't do. It will not help us to restrict other people because if they really want they will find other ways of doing it. So, although I can't say I'm happy about it, I don't think there is a need to interfere with the natural evolution:)"
Since Dave is not happy with publishing the puzzles from Conceptis magazines, I don't deliver them any more.

Two more issues from my e-mail:
1) You change extensions .pap to .pmf even though the puzzle is a converted puzzle. Only Conceptis can create .pmf -files. PicPuz does not realize any difference as long as the entension is any of the supported puzzle-files
2) The problem with your files is the size. If I wanted to access the 50 puzzles you mentioned downloading the .zip would take me nearly one hour (I checked) even though I have a 8 Mb ADSL broadband connection!
And I have to download it all even though I wanted to unzip only one puzzle from it.

Otherwise your way of organizing the files is really nice


PS: Did I forget something from the e-mail?

izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/15/2007 11:06:03 PM)

I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the criticism levelled against me by Leena from Finland.

Although many of of you have been aware of the free Conceptis puzzles for several years I first dicovered Pic-a-Pix in an issue of Games World of Puzzles in the early Spring of 2006. Since they mentioned Conceptis's URL I went online to look at it and in the process of doing so discovered for the first time the free weekly puzzles but never spent any time on the foums since I had no idea what they were all about.

Since I am a medically disabled heart and kidney patient I began to have to spend more time cooped up indoors with the onset of the winter season. Somewhere around mid-winter I felt it was time for me look at the forums and while doing so I discovered that there was a wealth of enjoyable puzzles available on esnips. It appeared to me that this had the blessing of Dave Green since all notification of these uploads appeared to be be on the forums at Conceptis. The main forum titled Fresh Supplies was even hosted by my fellow ex-Londoner Dave Green himself. In trying to understand this situation I came to conclude that he must feel that anyone genuinely hooked on this type of puzzle like Leena and I would continue to buy their local magazine with puzzles by Conceptis as both of us do. Furthermore anyone else coming upon these puzzles due to the predictability of human nature would follow suit resulting in increased sales of magazines with Conceptis content. I am pretty sure that I have correctly interpreted Dave's reasoning on this matter and if I am wrong would appreciate it if would simply send me an email stating his position on this.

During the second half of this Winter I downloaded whatever I could find of these puzzles and accumulated them in one folder for the purpose of analysis. In the process of doing so it became obvious to me as a former data processing and management professional that there was a tremendous amount of duplication and inaccuracy in what was out there. As an ardent solver I felt that although several puzzle creators have not stuck to this rule it is however beneficial to have all puzzles in multiples of 5 rows and columns and to have the number, name and size of the puzzle along with an identifier for colored puzzles, since they are the minority, in both the file name seen in the directory listings and in the puzzles themselves regardless of whether they being worked on by computer or by pencil and paper. As a result of these situations I rearranged these files in such a way that i should be able implement these changes which I am sure that even for those who did not feel it was necessary to do so it should still not do any harm.

As I have stated in my earlier postings to the forums this is a long term project not be completed overnight and those of you that have followed my uploads and forums have seen the evolving process and attest to this.

On the subject of uploading puzzles originally published in magazines I am not the one who has come up with the idea. This has been done extensively by several of the senior members for a long time, some of them in public folders and some in private ones. Since while reviewing the various forum listings on these converted puzzles and noticing that no one who has asked for an invitation to any of the private ones ever seems to have been refused, I for one, do not quite understand the difference the true difference between the public and by invitation folders on esnips. The notification and requests for these are all listed openly in the various forums. As far as I can tell not one of them has been refused and even though as I am sure that as these forums are openly on the Conceptis website I am sure that Dave Green is aware of this practice and since I have yet to see any form of protest coming from him I have to assume that for whatever his reasons might be he goes along with it at the present time. What I fail to understand is why I have been singled out for criticism and removal from invitaional folders when all I have been doing is trying to do what everyone else has been doing for years just in what I feel is a more organized fashion.

Now to the issue that appears to have triggered this whole dispute, namely my supposed raiding and publishing from a private folder. I for one was not aware of this folder and had definitely never aked for access to it until out of the blue I received an invitation to it some two months or so ago from Leena. Upon reviewing this folder it seemed evident to me that Leena's purpose in inviting me was twofold. The first seem obvious to me that Leena had wanted me to convert as many of it's contents from bulky and difficult to read image files to the more compact PicPuz format which is also less of a strain on the eyes. On the basis of her track record, and since she has never indicated anything to the contrary, I also assumed that she wanted these uploaded to esnips. For a while the gist of her emails to me that I had correctly understood these two objectives and between us we processed countless conversions successfully. Approximately three weeks or so ago I noticed a public posting on one or the of the forums by Leena herself that someone by thename of A in Israel was kind enough to be sending her, which I understiood to mean by mail, a copy of Shchor Uptor issue 73 which she intended to convert and upload to esnips. About two days later when I signed on to esnips I saw a message in the latest uploads section on the home page, which I am sure was observed by anyone who was on esnips that day, that somebody by the name of B had uploaded scans of Shchor Uptor issues 72 & 73 to esnips. At the time I was not aware that A and B were one and the same person and it seemed to me surprising that two supposedly different people in Israel were making the same thing available. One of them seemed to me to be mailing a physical magazine to Leena and the other coincidentally seemed to haved uploaded it to esnips. Since it came up on the home I never even bothered to look at which folder they were in. In hindsight it seems that if I had done so I would have realised that B is indeed A, as I have since discovered,and Leena's referring to being sent o copy of this issue meant uploading scans. In Leena's posting there was no mention of issue 72, if there had been I would probably immedately realized what was going on from the double coincidence. As those of you familiar with my uploads know I have managed to eliminate a lot of duplication of puzzles by maintaining a cross-reference text file.I therefore downloaded both scanned issues directly from esnips home page und updated my cross reference file. I did this first for issue 73 and then for issue 72. After checking my cross-reference file I checked it against the puzzles in my collection and found that several of them were already in the system, obviously from other magazine conversions. I believe that this would be the convetional data management procedure for similar project and I am not asking for credit for re-inventing the wheel. Thinking that Leena intended to do the conversions herself as per her earlier posting in the forums I thought I might save her some work and emailed her the list of puzzles that were not necessary to convert. Her return email to me was the first indication that something seemed to have gone wrong. Instead of thanking me for the information the gist of this email was that she is infallible and has never processed a puzzle unnecessarily. As a result of this email I didn't bother sending her the same information for issue 72. Almost two weeks later another conceptis member from Israel was kind enough to email me me a scanned copy of issue 88. When I received this I realized that nothing had been done yet with the other two scanned issues and assumed that Leena was still furious about me possibly cosidering her to be fallible so she left them for me to convert and upload, which I proceeded to do together with issue 88. Leena's reaction to this was to send me another furious email staing that I had crossed her line by raiding her scans folder and betrayed the trust of one of her friends by naming her in my notification on the forums. This was when I realized that B was A. Upon receipt of this email I immediately revised my posting by removing all mention of who had provided these scans. Although I don't see where it was I who was the one who betrayed A's confidetiallity (since after all Leena's original forum posting named A as the source and the esnips home page that identified publicly on the home page that it was B who contributed these scans) I would like to take this opportunity to appologize to her for any inadvertant anxiety and discomfort she feels I might have caused her and hope she will forgive me.

(Since originally writing about this situation I have received a direct communication from A/B who made a specific request for a change which I implemented immediately, I beleive to their total satisfaction)

As far as crossing the line of civil decency wouldn't it have been sufficient to send me an email questioning my supposed raiding of a private folder which would have given me the opportunity to explain what had happened without a public brouhaha?

On the subject of giving excessive credit I would like to point out that there are several steps in processing a puzzle, the first is providing it the form of a scan or otherwise, the second is actually converting it to Picpuz and the third actually uploading it to esnips.
I feel it would be dishonest and unethical of me to permit the assumption that I am the one who provided the magazine or scan by not mentioning the real contributor. I believe that anyone who openly makes contributions to either the forums or esnips in their own name is not one asking to remain anonymous. I also believe that mentioning this name is not exessive praise but a common courtesy. I would greatly appreciate hearing what other members at large think of this issue.

As far as making my files public please note that I am intentionally not inserting tags on my uploads and the only way anyone gets to know about them only does so through my postings to the forums which are only read by interested parties who are all members of conceptis so how can one state "anyone using the Internet Conceptis meber or not has access", if anyone who did know about Conceptis were to come accross these files it would only attract them to Conceptis and ultimately lead to their buying magazines or books with Conceptis content which, as mentioned earlier, is probably the reason for Dave Green tollerating this situation.

As per loyalty to Conceptis by members junior, senior, or advanced, there was recently a set of two articles in the New York Times on the subject of so-called japanese puzzles. In fact one of them was written by Will Shortz himself. The gist of these articles inferred that Nikoli is the only provider of these puzzles. This is grossly untrue and biased reporting please follow this link for everything that has been written on this subject.

How many of the senior and advanced members have done anything about this issue? Isn't it the least we can do for Conceptis to demand an unbiased follow up article?

As for David Green, who is undisputably the intellectual property owner of these puzzles, I feel it would be appropriate for him to add a posting to this forum specifying exactly what his desire regarding these puzzle conversions is. As long as he lays down the rules for all members indicriminately I believe that all members concered, who appear to be honest and upstanding people, would be willing to adhere to these rules. If this would have been done when these conversions this whole situation would probably never have arisen. I expect to try to contact him in the near future but am waiting for the implementation of the new website that we are looking forward to with baited breath.

As for the size of the files in this collecton folder the truth is that with the exception of the first time it should never be necessary to download the whole file. Instead of downloading the file in question one should click on the option for opening this file now. I have the basic residential lowest speed residential DSL and when I tried this on the largest file I have in my folder it took under four minutes. Once the listing of the individual files contained in the zip file appears just click twice on the heading of the "modified" column which should take only two seconds. This should result in the files being listed in descending date modified sequence. Using standard Windows operating procedures one should select the files as far back as one wishes, presumably till the date one last looked at the file in question, when one then clicks on extract it should only extract the desired files. Anybody not fully understanding how to do this should send me an email stating this fact and I will reply as early as possible with more detailed instructions. Since different members check these cumulative files at different this procedure should facilitate each member to retrieve exactly what they are looking for at any given time and no more. On average this procedure should take less than five minutes. In the case of looking for one or more specific files simply leave the original default sort which should be by file name, ascending and select the desired file(s) before clicking on extract. This again should not take any longer and give you exactly and only what you want.

Although I have yet to encounter a Conceptis Pic-a-Pix puzzle that is either in error or unsolvable I have found several of the puzzle conversions I have worked with to be one or the other. Since this is the case I have structured my files as a parent file containing several smaller files, in most cases one for puzzles and one for solutions. Initially I insert all puzzles into the parent file until their accuracy and solvability is verified. Once this has been done I move the puzzles and their solutions to their corresponding files. As part of my control I frequenty run the Properties command to assure that I have a set of puzzle and answer. Whenever I do this check I insert the the number of puzzles or solutions in the folder name. This also serves the purpose of notifying anybody interested exactly how many puzzles there are in particular collection. Any puzzle that is not fully verified and/or proved solvable remains in the parent folder until such a time that it is.

On the subject of providing edges to other solvers who request them, which to some of the unitiated appears to be either gibberish or coded messages, I would like to state that every puzzle magazine I know of regardless of what type of puzzle(s) it features always has an answer section. Any self respecting puzzler will not peek at these solutions unless they have reached the point that they can't proceed otherwise they understandibly do not derive the full satisfaction of having solved the puzzle. There does however a point in a lot of puzzles, which is usually different for each puzzle solver, when one decides to at least derive a lesser degree of satisfaction by peeking at the solutions for part of the answer. This is human nature. Let us take for example the word puzzles known Crostics or Acrostics which I myself particularly enjoy. As those of you familiar with this type of puzzle will know the solution contains two parts. One of these parts is the full quotation and the other is a shorter one giving tha name of the author and the title of the work the quotation is derived from.
This smaller part of the solution is usually the sequential list of the first letter of the solution to each individual clue. In doing a particularly difficult puzzle I sometimes look at the smaller part of the solution only since this gives me the first letter of each clue I am am able to complete the puzzle. Since I try to be honest with myself I am careful to cover up so that I don't see the quotation itself. This gives me the partial satisfaction of having been able to complete the quotation with a minimum amount of help. Similarly those who find they are not able to solve a Pic-a-Px will accept assistance with the edges only and derive whatever level of satisfaction from having correctly completed the rest of the puzzle. Since all puzzles have their solutions added to the collection for the purpuse of proving accuracy and solvability as mentioned I am sure that any self respecting puzzler, which I am sure almost all of you are, can safely and in an honorable fashion receive the edges from the corresponding solution file. I feel that most of you, after giving this matter some thought will agree with me.

Since a lot of us, including myself, find it easier to work a puzzle on paper with a pencil PicPuz gives us the ability to print the puzzle or solution. Although the various different magazines differ somewhat in the way their puzzles are printed some of us, myself included, prefer using Conceptis's version of .pdf file due to it's being superior to other print formats and due to the fact that it is wthe format that introduced us to these puzzles in the first place. I have therefore provided the Conceptis pdf puzzle and/or solution wherever it is available.

When I first started working on these collections I posted a request asking for an explanation on the various different file extensions used by PicPuz. Leena was kind enough to respond and if I remeber correctly the gist of her reply at the time was that it didn't really make a difference. As a result of this response I decided that since while being worked on, and since as most of you know one cannot have two files with the same name in any given folder, to use the pmf extension for the puzzle and the papextension, which is provided automatically by PicPuz, for the solutions.

Leena has since informed me that there is indeed a difference so I intend to revisit this issue again at a later date. I cannot however do so at this time since I am working on this project single handedly and my priority is to convert and/or clean up the remaining puzzles in my possession before I come back to this Issue.

I sincerely hope that after these explanations my procedures no longer seem to be "a bit odd" as they aparently did to Leena.

Since I have experienced some difficulty on puzzle numbering issues and procedures on creating colored PAP's I have sent emails to three people: the puzzle edtor at Conceptis and those who have written the PicPuz and txtpap programs. To date none of these emails has been answered. Due to the fact that these three people seem to be answeing everyone else's emails I assume that some individual must have requested that they ignore me.

As I have mentioned in the past I have asked that if anyone has any modification or improvement to my procedures that they notify me of this and as long as it is reasonable I will gladly implement it.

I would also greatly appreciate it if I could get some feedback from other members so that I can tell whether my efforts are being enjoyed by other members or not.

Until and unless Dave Green requests that we all stop doing so I continue to convet any puzzles that are sent to me. Any time a contributor requests anonymity i will gladly list Anonymous as the provider of the puzzles.

This last paragraph is to Leena.

Please, Leena ,look at what you have done if I have unintenionally hurt the feelings of A/B in Israel you have intentionally hurt my feelings and humiliated me by accusing me at first in private and then publicly of stealing from your folder. This could all have been avoided with a reasonably worded email to which I would have responded immediately as I have always done in the past. If it makes you happy you can continue to keep me banned from your Scans folder. I have plenty to keep occupied for quite some time. Any problems or request I may have in the future I will simply post them in the forums and please Leena you don't need to respond. Let others do it.

Since some us will be celebrating the holiday of Shavous next week, in Israel for one day and other countries for two,I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a good, happy and healthy Yom Tov. To those that do not, inluding you Leena, I wish a happy and healthy Summer.

Lastly, as always, Happy Solving

Isaac K

lekahe -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/16/2007 12:04:01 AM)


Since while eviewing the various forum listings on these converted puzzles and noticing that no one who has asked for an invitation to any of the private ones ever seems to have been refused, I for one, do not quite understand the difference the true difference between the public and by invitation folders on esnips. The notification and requests for these are all listed openly in the various forums.

The folder you are talking about has never been announced on the forums and I have never offered anyone the chance to ask for an invitation. I sent you one because I thought you were doing a valuable job, but you crossed my line.


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/16/2007 12:34:29 AM)

Hi Leena,

I recomend that you refrain from addtional criticism until I finish with my point by point response to your individual accusations including the one about my 'crossing your line' by supposedly raiding and publishing from your personal folder which is not exactly what happened. I believe that by the time I finish it will be evident to all that somone other than myself is indeed the one who has crossed the line of common decency.

I would rather not have had to write this memo but my hand was forced when it became evident to me from various sources that I had been critcised privately by you to others and then your criticising me publicly in this forum after I had tried to respond briefly to your behind my back criticism without mentioning your name.


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/16/2007 2:42:12 AM)

Instead of posting the additions to my memo above I have added them to the original. I intend to do the same when I return to put in the last part.

Isaac K

Cyclone -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/16/2007 7:57:00 AM)

I want to point out, sir, that her accusations are not only correct - they are flat-out accurate.

You will recall some weeks ago I posted in a thread, where you first noted a puzzle collection, that you had taken a number of puzzles that I had converted. You had placed them into your collection. And you gave yourself all the credit on Earth for them. Only when I complained publicly did you even try to give credit, and even then, it was in a separate third file apart from the puzzles. FAR FROM SUFFICIENT.

Leena asked me to give you a chance, that you were doing a good thing. And now that you've taken other things without asking, you've crossed the line. You did not ask to use material from private folders (all right, I accidentally left one public, my's fixed now, but Conceptis PAPs weren't in that folder I think), you just assumed they were free for you to publish and didn't give proper credit unless the author specifically complained, after which you made a modification (admittedly fast, but still a bad oversight in the first place and not in any way specific, letting you gain overall credit for the collections yourself).

Yes, I admit that some of us (Susie, Leena, and myself namely) have converted Conceptis puzzles from magazines. I've done that even just for myself, often based on magazine scans, and Dave has not expressed any issue sharing with our fellow members because not everyone has access to the publications (if I did, I'd be all over them). Thing is, our folder was a private folder. You made the puzzles available for public consumption. That's crossing the line.

Please do not waste my time, Sir izakkay, with a reply. Your breath and typing is wasted here.


lekahe -> RE: New puzzle collections (5/16/2007 9:36:28 AM)

I'll try to be brief:
-Your accusation of me critizing you to others is not exactly true. The only ones I have told about the incident is Cyclone, the member which you once again published and after request changed to A and one other member who also had puzzles in that folder. Also I asked Dave's opinion, but I e-mailed it to you. All of these contacts have been made to protect those people, not because of critizing you

-By referring to a senior member and eSnips you restricted the suspicions to 5 people: me, Cyclone, Tina, Susie and Wisdemol. I have the habit of taking responsibility of my own actions and thus you left me no choice but reveal myself

-The invitation to that folder had a text: This is my secret file. I had not added "for personal use only", because I thought that would be evident.

-"bulky and difficult to read" scans might be taken as an insult but I'll let that pass. I just wonder why you never provided those paper copies. I know numerous people who are not able to or don't want to use PicPuz. Besides, most of them are now in your file, still bulky and difficult to read.

-countless conversions is really eggagerated. I had a couple of magazines for Cyclone's folder and I converted some colour puzzles because you did not know how/ did not want to convert them. And I constantly asked you not to give any credit.
This is the only fault I admit: I am an odd person in that respect. I DO NOT want any credit for my actions or otherwise. My family members have learned even to keep their mouths shut on my birthday!
If you thought that my requests were only for trying to impress you by humbleness, you were wrong. When I write something, I also mean it.

-I never announced A sending me anything publically. You can go through all my posts on the forum and I announce only converting the weekly reviews. All my public folders contain only stuff from FREE weekly puzzles. I admit downloading something on Cyclone's folders but I never announce it on the forums. I trust the members take care of themselves. That info was from a private e-mail to you or our phone conversation.

-only 20 people saw the upload had happened. Only the members of the folder can see it.

-also I admit being irritated by the list. It was as if you thought I was stupid enough not knowing which puzzles I have. Also taking into account your statement of more organized folders I think some other eSnippers were not very happy of the hidden criticism either.
If I gave you the impression that I would convert the puzzles I also have told you that my convertions take time. I have a full time job, studies and a family. In addition I still suffer from a personal loss last autumn and can't predict how the next day will go. I told you I want all the things concerning puzzles to be fun and I don't convert anything unless I feel like it.

-furious is not the word for my e-mail. I started it: " I am sad I have to write this...". I am totally capable of fury but that is something I'll never let you see.

-there is no point in me writing to New York Times. This discussion is one very good example. What the worth of the words of a Finnish woman? Close to nothing. I have done all possible actions I can imagine here in Finland to promote Conceptis also towards their publisher.

-your description of the process of downloading the puzzles is accurate. Yesterday my computer's estimation of the download for opening the folder, not saving was about one hour. My laptop is 2 years old, but the best available at that time. Maybe your computer takes advantage of your cache. Try downloading it from somewhere else.

I really hope I don't have to continue this discussion.
I made you a promise about sending you regular mail. Regardless of this I will keep my promise.


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