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izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (8/27/2007 1:18:35 AM)

Thanks again Bob.

I am uploading it right now since it finally seems to be valid.

Is there any member out there who can be the first to solve it now that it is available in both formats?

If anyone does it would be greatly appreciated if it could be emailed to me at so that it can be shared with other members.

Happy Solving!


izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (8/27/2007 10:16:03 AM)

This week's review puzzle with it's solution has just been added to my collection on esnips.

Happy Solving!


Nettawil -> RE: New puzzle collections (8/28/2007 12:36:26 AM)

I solved the pdf version and it was great fun!

izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (8/28/2007 2:06:40 AM)

Hi Wilma,

Which puzzle are you referring to, the weekly review or the MegaPAP?

Nettawil -> RE: New puzzle collections (8/29/2007 3:59:52 PM)

Hi Isaac

I have solved the MegaPap (pdf version) and as I said it was great fun! Don't know how to send you the solution


bob.allen2 -> RE: New puzzle collections (8/31/2007 5:53:54 AM)

Hello Isaac,

It seems an eternity ago that you asked for a solution to the Seurat MegaPaP 0005106 to be emailed to you. Having finally cracked it in PicPuz format, and as I am not aware that you have received it already from another source, I have emailed the solution to you, separately, as requested, for you to disseminate however you wish.

Isaac you may, by now, be awash with copies of the solution, but somehow, I think not. That was one tough puzzle, for which PaP Solver was of absolutely no value, as it irretrievably locked up almost immediately, regardless of the stage of the solution process it was attempted. PicPuz is a very worthy program, but the associated PaP Solver has severe limitations in its attempt to solve big PaPs, at least when the program is running on an average PC. See a few number ones, and PaP Solver gives up. See a few billion number ones, as was the case in 0005106, and PaP Solver was guaranteed to suffer meltdown.

I wonder if Oops can please be persuaded to tinker around with this aspect of his PicPuz program.....

Bob Allen

izakkay -> RE: New puzzle collections (8/31/2007 6:38:01 AM)

Hi Bob,

I received your email less than an hour ago and sent you a reply. As soon as I have processed tonight's free weekly puzzles I will be uploading new cumulative puzzle files for all puzzles through the end of August and your solution to the MegaPAP will be included.

Once again Bob thank you very much and I am sure all other members are grateful to you too.

Wishing you all a good weekend and as always Happy Solving!


Nettawil -> RE: New puzzle collections (9/3/2007 5:20:54 AM)

Hi Bob

You were just ahead of me in solving the Megapap in picpuz. It requires a real different technique to solve compared to the pdf version


tplahav -> RE: New puzzle collections (9/7/2007 5:04:32 PM)

i hope you are feeling better.

Can anyone send me the link or the PDF file to the new MegaPAP 0005106 Seurat (65 x 150)

Thank you all


lekahe -> RE: New puzzle collections (9/7/2007 10:49:29 PM)

Tanny, the link is here:


tplahav -> RE: New puzzle collections (9/8/2007 7:20:58 PM)

Thanks Leena [:)]

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