Filters: Now also for New, Saved and Solved puzzles

Monday, June 13, 2011 Filters: Now also for New, Saved and Solved puzzles

Starting today puzzles can be filtered according to their variant, size and difficulty across the Play online section, including My New, My Saved, My Solved and Buy pages. Using the new filters (previously only available in Buy pages) Conceptis members can now find and play specific puzzles in their personal archives much easier and faster than before.

How to use the new filters

To use the new filters, go to your preferred puzzle type in the Play online section and select a page in the upper right navigation, for example Play online » Pic-a-Pix » My New or Play online » Sudoku » My Solved etc. You can now filter the puzzles by selecting the desired Variant, Model (which is usually the size) and Difficulty in the Filters dropdown menus.

Same as in the Buy pages, the 3 filters may be applied concurrently so you may select one filter, two filters or all three at the same time to further narrow down the results. For our your convenience, the number of puzzles found and the selected filter values are shown in the title of the filtered page.

For more see Filters: Find the puzzles you want easily and quickly

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