Puzzle Info: New pages offer social interaction for every puzzle

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 Puzzle Info: New pages offer social interaction for every puzzle

A new category of pages now offers information about every single puzzle published in Conceptis' Play online section since May, 2008. Titled Puzzle Info, the new pages are accessible via "Info" links under each puzzle in Play online as shown in the below image.

The new Puzzle Info pages are particularly interesting for puzzle fans who enjoy Interacting and sharing puzzles and comments with their friends.

Now you can post your puzzling experiences or read what others say about any one of the 10,696 puzzles available today. This can be done either through the AddThis widget with more than 300 different networks and options, or through your Facebook identity using the Like and comment box (requires Facebook account).

Bookmark any puzzle in Play online

Each Puzzle Info page has its own "permalink" - a permanent unique address on the Internet. Hence, you can now bookmark individual puzzles in Play online for any purpose and in various ways. This includes standard browser bookmarks, social media networks, referring friends to particular puzzles via email and more. Bookmarking, sharing and commenting can be done with all Play online puzzles, including New, Saved, Solved and Buy regardless whether you bought them or not.

Link to Puzzle Info (Pic-a-Pix)

Above: Links to Puzzle Info pages, available under each puzzle in Play online.

Future plans for Puzzle Info pages include per-puzzle average community solving time, your personal time for each puzzle you solve, how many users solved the puzzle and more. To access Puzzle Info pages click the "Info" icon now available under each puzzle in Play online. Here are a few direct links to random Puzzle Info pages:

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