Vote Conceptis for The Best Site of 2010 Award

Thursday, December 16, 2010 Vote Conceptis for The Best Site of 2010 Award

We are proud to announce our nomination for The Best Site of 2010 Award, an annual online contest held by AllMyFaves.com. If you love conceptispuzzles.com and enjoy our puzzles here's a chance for you to make your voice count and support Conceptis!

How to Vote

To vote click 'Like' on the top toolbar here or next to the 'Conceptis Puzzles' logo on the official contest page. Voting ends December 26 and winners of the The Best Site of 2010 Award will be announced December 27. Thanks for your support! For any questions or comments feel free to use the comment form below.

AllMyFaves is a popular homepage and bookmaking service, offering an innovative visual exploration of the Internet. The Best Site Award is a contest between 'Weekly Fave' sites which are featured on AllMyFaves.com every Monday. Each year, the top 10 Weekly Fave sites that "rocked your world this year" are selected by the public from a list of nominated sites. There are 40 nominations in the 2010 contest, carefully selected out of over 500 featured sites.

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