Christmas Sudoku: New book offers Christmas-related shaped Sudoku puzzles

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 Christmas Sudoku: New book offers Christmas-related shaped Sudoku puzzles

Christmas Sudoku, a book filled with Christmas-related shaped Multi Sudoku puzzles by Conceptis has been pre-released by Puzzlewright Press, an imprint of Sterling Publishing Co. U.S.A.

The Multi Sudoku overlapping grids create pictures of snowflakes, reindeer, Christmas trees, snowmen and more - a sure way to cool off and escape the exceptional heat of this summer. Sized 8.5x10 inch (paperback), the 96 page book offers an assortment of 76 puzzles in easy, medium and hard difficulty levels.

Ingeniously modified to celebrate the holidays

Christmas Sudoku (ISBN: 978-1402774980) is the first book with Conceptis Christmas-related shaped Sudoku puzzles and probably the first of its kind in the world. The book is scheduled for release on October 05, 2010 and is already available for pre-order online through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Want to try out one of the Christmas Sudoku puzzles online? Check out the free sample on this page which you can start solving right now. Merry Sudoku!

From Amazon product description:

"What more perfect Christmas gift for Sudoku fans than a book devoted to their favorite puzzle, ingeniously modified to celebrate the holidays? The clever elves at Conceptis, a world leader in puzzles and games, have overlapped regular Sudoku grids to include holiday images like Christmas trees and snowmen. The overlapping creates a new kind of interaction between the Sudoku puzzles, providing a solving experience unlike anything else out there. Grab some eggnog and get ready for some Christmas-crafted conundrums."

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