Conceptispuzzles.com now also in Japanese

Monday, July 12, 2010 Conceptispuzzles.com now also in Japanese

A Japanese version of Conceptis' website has been released. Available to Japanese speaking puzzle fans wherever they are, the translated pages cover all major sections of the website enabling visitors to learn the rules and play the puzzles in their native language.

The translated pages remain with the same functionality, look and feel allowing Japanese speaking fans to enjoy a holistic gaming experience in the language they are most familiar with.

Considering additional languages

For users wishing to override their native browser language or manually select Japanese, the appropriate links in the footer are provided.

Every day more than 20,000 avid puzzle fans from over 100 countries play on conceptispuzzles.com and many new members join. To accelerate the continuous growth of our international online community, we are now considering additional languages including German, Spanish and others.

What do you think? Would you like to see conceptispuzzles.com supporting your native language? Please share your thoughts in our Forum or Facebook page, or send them over via Twitter by adding @Conceptis to your post.

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