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crocodileman94 -> Idea for Fill-a-Pix (2/1/2013 8:27:03 AM)

Earlier today I played a game called Picma Squared which is Fill-a-Pix but with Color. And I've also noticed that you don't have any Color Fill-a-Pix on this site. Which I personally think you should have, since you have pretty much everything else.

Here's the rules:

The numbers are in different colors (obviously) and the color of the number indicates how many of the neighboring squares (and the number itslef) should be in that color. And the number itself can only be in its own color.

Example: G: the green clue. g: the green squares we fill using the clue. B: the blue clue. b: the blue squares we fill using that clue.

Now imagine the G is a 9:


And then we put a B in the corner:


Now imagine that the B is a 7. And since two of the squares already is g, the only option is to fill the other seven squares with b:


In other words: Even though only 7 of the squares can become b, the other 2 squares doesn't have to be blank. They can become any other color besides b.

Here's another example:

We still use the same colors,but this time, G is a 1, and B is an 8.


We don't know where the g is meant to be:

? B

But the eight b's only have one option:


In other words: Even though it's not certain that the g is going to be at the G, a b can't be placed on the G, since they don't have the same color.

You might not understand what I'm saying, but if you want a better explanation, go play Picma Squared.

Feidhlim -> RE: Idea for Fill-a-Pix (2/4/2013 2:01:20 AM)

I've played Picma but the quality wasn't good. The puzzles were too small and easy, so I never bothered with it again.

It would be interesting to see what Conceptis could do in the way of a colour Fill-a-Pix but I'm guessing that a decent-sized 70x50 colour puzzle would either end up too complicated, or else you'd have to sacrifice the detail and the picture quality to make the puzzles more accessible (looks up accessible in dictionary, yes I got it right!). There's probably a copyright issue too - it's not like Picma is a (-grabs dictionary again-) generic puzzle like Sudoku that anyone could copy. Conceptis would have to make it different enough not to be sued.

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