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jenmc226 -> Hitori (1/8/2014 7:20:15 PM)

I've only recently tried Hitori and man is it hard to make my brain stop evaluating it like a Fill-A-Pix. Anyone have a tip or two that might help me look at this differently? I'm currently processing the Medium 8x8 grid from the website examples. Here's where I'm at.


jenmc226 -> RE: Hitori (1/9/2014 3:19:58 PM)

So after reading the tips I approached the puzzle by making an assumption on a number and playing out how it would go and using that to disprove the assumption. However, I can get one or two steps ahead in my head but after that I'm lost visually. So I ended remembering where I was at on my board and then making an assumed move and making additional moves from there and then using the back button to get back to my assumed move as needed.

This approach irks me, though. It's too much like guess and check.

Parse -> RE: Hitori (1/9/2014 8:24:21 PM)

One pattern to look for is for pairs of numbers that are adjacent orthogonally and diagonally.
See that 3/4 in the bottom right? And the 5/3/4 in the bottom left? You can circle the (uncircled) five - if it were blacked out, you'd have to black out the three and the four in the bottom right, and you can't black them both out.
Another pattern to look for is the single circle surrounded by pairs of numbers - such as the 8/4/8 or the 8/7/8 at the bottom. No matter which one is circled, it effectively creates a wall where the middle number is. (If I was solving this on paper, I'd draw a line connecting the blacked-out 4 and 2 (for the 8/4/8), and the blacked-out 4 and the wall (through the 7 of the 8/7/8). No matter which of the eights are blacked out, you'll need to have the three circled to connect the one with the rest of the circles.
Good luck!

jenmc226 -> RE: Hitori (1/10/2014 3:02:20 AM)

Thanks for the reply. Nice job explaining those moves. Knowing that the guess and check method is not a required feature of this type of puzzle is heartening. I'll have to stick with it to see if I can get my mind to analyze these further.
I appreciate your tips!

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