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Fane18 -> New payment method (3/19/2013 8:06:43 PM)

Hello, I just wanted to recommend you some new payment methods.
pay by: SMS/call

You know I'm 16 (offtopic) so I don't have a credit card and I think that even if I would have a credit card I wouldn't pay by it, because it's quite dangerous.
If you add Paysafecard method it's quite easy, visit their sites. It's all about that you go to gas stop (the most of places where they sell them) and you buy a ticket like from big markets. In the ticket of certain amount of money (4€,12€...[you can buy 2 4€]) you have a keycode which you write on the site where it requests money. You can write 1-10 tickets at once it doesn't matter. I'm from the Czech Republic, where 100Czsk = cca 3,80€, so I buy a ticket for 100Kcsk and that's not enough so I buy 2. Write codes from both of them. It takes me 4€ from 7,60€. So my 1st card is empty while 2nd is still holding 3,60€.
Smart isn't it?

Albertogoe -> RE: New payment method (4/11/2013 10:40:08 AM)

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