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arik_iis -> ...and yet another pic-a-pix m+... (2/5/2011 3:45:11 PM)

wow... I feel bad that I am the only one posting to the forum... either I am the tails of the lions, or others are just too bashful to publish.

Anyhow - stuck VERY early in the pic-a-pix Medium+. I would have expected to make more progress, but did not... I thought row 27 will give a hint, but the 4 can still go left or right from the mid-line breaker... I thought row 16 will force the connection of the two first black groups as part of the 11, but it does not... even row 30 does not give me a chance to connect the blacks...
anyhow - none of the above seems like it can cause a breakthrough... so it could be that I need a new strategy; I was just exploring ALL rows/columns, summarizing the blak and dot squares, looking for 'flexabiliy / freedom' which is smaller than the largest number in the group, but did not find any additional ones.

So, next move and/or some strategic teaching will be greatly appreciated.




lekahe -> RE: ...and yet another pic-a-pix m+... (2/5/2011 4:31:03 PM)

Column 8 has 2 times 2 at the bottom. You have the other one ready. After that row 27 has one square between 2 dots and that square can't be black because it should be part of 4 or 12.
I think you can continue from there.

I think it's wonderful that someone really asks reasons for the logic. Somehow it is so easy to cheat a bit and just make a guess and ask the program for verification.


PelicanArts -> RE: ...and yet another pic-a-pix m+... (2/5/2011 5:25:33 PM)

Here are a couple of things that stand out to me.

Row 30:  The square in column 10 has to be part of a horizontal block of at least 5, so the next two blocks (col. 11 & 12) are black.

Column 27:  There is a dot below the black square that's in row 26.  Vertically, the black square is either a "1" or part of the "2".  Of course, if it's a "1" there is a dot below it in row 27.  If it's the "2" the dot in row 27 is forced by the two "1"s under it.

Here's another way of looking at the column 27 situation.  Consider filling in the blocks from an edge that starts with "1"s.  As you alternate black/dot/black/dot... if the dot after the last "1" falls immediately before a black square, the dot is forced because that black square is either a larger block beginning at that point or it's a "1".  This can also apply to a series of "1"s at an "internal edge" created as the puzzle progresses.

[It's interesting trying to write a concise explanation of my non-verbal logic, especially in column 27 case.  I hope it's all clear.]

arik_iis -> RE: ...and yet another pic-a-pix m+... (2/5/2011 5:57:02 PM)

Thanks, Leena, and PelicanArts.

Leena - I agree with your observation about the 2 dots to suround the sequence of 2 black squares in Column 8. I added them in - but that's it... because in Column 27, I still have 24 squares to the right of the double-dots, which means the 1 unmarked square preceeding the two dots CAN be the single 1 I have in the group, so I can not dot it. Thanks !

PelicanArts: yes, I mentioned row 30, but failed to realize the two blackened squares as a result of it (be it the 5 or the 16). It started a small domino effect, and led to the unification of the two black groups in row 30, so I will follow it up and see where (if) I get stuck again...

Yes, I also agree with the observation you made for column 27 - I understand the writing, and am using this logic too - so it is clear for me.

Thanks for the help ! we'll see if I need more.


fanlynne -> RE: ...and yet another pic-a-pix m+... (3/3/2011 6:02:16 AM)

I like do that so much when i was a child,now i feel i am getting stupid and stupid.....

Mackintosh -> RE: ...and yet another pic-a-pix m+... (3/25/2013 11:55:09 AM)

I have to say you are amazing!!!

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