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GreatGram -> HELP FOR TEACHERS (7/26/2007 1:35:23 AM)

Suggestion 1: Read the pertinent archived articles in the PuzzleTimes back issues from September, 2004, to now. Most articles include cross-references to other useful articles. Try these.

Suggestion 2: Click on this forum's Show All Topics. Read and download puzzles.

There will be many useful comments and puzzles for kids to try.

I mention this now, because summer is traditionally the time for finding new things to try in the Fall when school begins again.

Happy puzzling!


Marysia -> RE: HELP FOR TEACHERS (9/1/2011 4:29:03 AM)

I have downloaded one of the world map link a pix puzzles to use with my class.
but, how exactly do i use it? is there a way to load it and 'color' it on individual computers?

lekahe -> RE: HELP FOR TEACHERS (9/1/2011 4:59:27 AM)

The World Map Link-A-Pix puzzle set is only for printing.
The idea would be that each student or a group of students work on one puzzle and when they are all completed, the map can be obtained by organizing and taping the pieces together.


izakkay -> RE: HELP FOR TEACHERS (9/1/2011 12:27:02 PM)

Where does one find the World Map LAP?

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