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Skyscrapers Light: 20 Puzzles that Will Make You Think Differently About Skylines

Thursday, May 16, 2013 Skyscrapers Light Vol 1

Skyscrapers Light, an addictive building-arranging puzzle game based on logic and deduction, is now available from Conceptis. The game requires arranging skyscrapers of different heights so their skylines are visible according to the clues.

Skyscrapers Light Vol 1 contains 20 manually selected puzzles arranged in 4 levels according to their difficulty. All puzzles have only one unique solution and are solvable by logic alone according to the rules.

Skyscrapers Light will make you think differently about skylines!

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Where to play

To start playing Skyscrapers Light visit this page on Kongregate. To play offline Download the desktop application (Windows only) and play on your computer.

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