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Hashi Light Vol 2: When Hashi gets tough

Monday, October 24, 2011 Hashi Light Vol 2: When Hashi gets tough

Hashi Light Vol 2, a new challenging volume of the most popular Light game to date, is now available from Conceptis. Hashi Light is an addictive brain game featuring Hashi puzzles that get tougher with each level. Now with a new volume of 30 medium, hard and very hard puzzles, Hashi Light will put your logic skills to test and will help you become a true Hashi pro!

Hashi is a Japanese bridge-connecting puzzle also known as Hashiwokakero, Bridges, Ai-Ki-Ai and Chopsticks. The puzzles are solved by connecting islands with bridges according to the rules so that there is a continuous path between all islands. If you are new to Hashi you might want to start off with Volume 1 which contains easier puzzles (See 'More Light game releases from Conceptis' below).

Hashi Light Vol 2 is the second Light series game containing harder puzzles. Stay tuned for more Vol 1 games with easy puzzles and Vol 2 games with harder puzzles in the future.

Where to play?

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To play Hashi Light Vol 2 on Facebook click 'Go to app' in the Logic Puzzle Starters* profile or go directly by clicking here.

To play Hashi Light Vol 2 as a casual web application visit this page on Jay is Games, a leading online magazine dedicated to casual game reviews. You may also read this JIG game review. If you like competing against other Hashi fans try this page on Kongregate where the game supports the site's High Score system.

Lastly, if you prefer playing offline, you may download the desktop application (Windows only) and install it on your computer.

*Update June 6, 2012: Logic Puzzle Starters app on Facebook has been discontinued. You may continue playing same games on the other platforms mentioned above.

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