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Nurikabe: Can you form those Islands?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 Nurikabe: Can you form those Islands?

Nurikabe, the next fun and addictive logic puzzle by Conceptis, is now available on conceptispuzzles.com. The first 9 puzzles for this week, including one free puzzle, are already available in the Play online section under My Nurikabe page. With this debut Nurikabe joins 13 other types of logic puzzles served on conceptispuzzles.com and updated each week in the Play online section.

Nurikabe puzzles were originally introduced by Nikoli in Japan during 1991. The rules for this island-forming puzzle are quite simple: Each puzzle consists of a grid containing clues in various places. The object is to create islands by partitioning between clues with walls so that the number of squares in each island is equal to the value of the clue, all walls form a continuous path and there are no wall areas of 2x2 or larger. Each island must contain one clue and be isolated from other islands horizontally and vertically.

For recommended solving techniques please visit our new Nurikabe techniques page or have some fun with this interactive Nurikabe tutorial

Up to very hard 22x16 brain breakers

Conceptis Nurikabe puzzles range from very easy 8x8 5-minute snacks to very hard 22x16 brain breakers taking several hours to solve. The puzzles may be played interactively online or printed and solved on paper.

Useful preferences such as 'Show conflicts' in walls and islands, 'Show island size' when pointing at islands and 'Highlight islands and walls' make Nurikabe online gaming tremendous fun to play. Other features common to all Conceptis online games are save, print (including resize and multi-page), zoom in/out, undo/redo and check solution. For complete instructions of how to play Nurikabe online please visit Nurikabe Interactive

Want to play? Start with the free online sample on this page and then go to the Play online section where 9 new puzzles, including 1 free, are published each week. You can also learn more about Nurikabe and play more free puzzles in the Nurikabe Get started section.

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