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More Sym-a-Pix: 2 extra puzzles will be served in Play online each week

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 Sym-a-Pix: find the symmetry, discover the picture

2 extra Sym-a-Pix puzzles will be added to Play online starting Friday, May 7. This change is the result of 2005 votes in a poll conducted on our forum during the last week of March, 2010 regarding which additional Sym-a-Pix puzzles our fans would like to solve each week.

The extra puzzles will be mostly large and in color. Thus, after the change there will be 6 Sym-a-Pix puzzles each week including one Mega Basic Logic, one Mega Advanced Logic and one new size of 70x50. Altogether the weekly selection will then offer more puzzles and a larger variety of sizes and difficulties.

Your feedback is important to us

Sym-a-Pix, a new logic puzzle concept based on rotational symmetry, has become our 3rd most popular game after Pic-a-Pix and Fill-a-Pix since its release in mid February.

Results of the poll 'Which extra Sym-a-Pix puzzles would you like to solve each week?'

This is an opportunity to thank all those who participated in the poll and contributed their preferences. Your feedback is important to us so please keep it coming! Shown above are the poll results.

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