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New portal brings Conceptis puzzles to Yahoo Japan gamers

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 New portal brings Conceptis puzzles to Yahoo Japan gamers

Puzzle de Asobou, a new puzzle portal promoted in cooperation with Yahoo Games Japan, now offers Conceptis logic puzzles for playing online. Japanese puzzle fans can play free puzzles as well as buy newly published puzzles using Yahoo Wallet credits. Released on March 1, Puzzle de Asobou (Japanese for "Let's play puzzles") is developed and operated by WillArk Corporation, a game developer and Conceptis partner in Tokyo.

Puzzle de Asobou was designed as a one-stop service offering about 140 new puzzles of various types each month (see full list below). Most of the puzzles, which are targeted at casual puzzle fans, come in easy to medium difficulty levels and in small to medium sizes. Advanced users may also enjoy larger and much harder puzzles including 50x50 B&W Pic-a-Pix, Color Pic-a-Pix, B&W Link-a-Pix and Color Link-a-Pix.

Exclusively by Conceptis

All puzzles currently offered on Puzzle de Asobou are provided exclusively by Conceptis. The following is a full list of puzzle types available within the new service:

  • Numple Basic (Classic Sudoku)
  • Mini Numple (Mini Sudoku)
  • Irregular Numple (Irregular Sudoku)
  • Kasan Numple (Sum Sudoku)
  • Taikaku Numple (Diagonal Sudoku)
  • Multi Numple (Multi Sudoku)
  • Kimyona Numple (OddEven Sudoku)
  • Rensa Numple (Chain Sudoku)
  • Tasite Puzzle Basic (Classic Kakuro)
  • Anaaki Tasite Puzzle (Holey Kakuro)
  • Tashite Puzzle Multi (Multi Kakuro)
  • Kakoi Puzzle (Slitherlink)
  • Art Logic Basic (B&W Pic-a-Pix)
  • Color Art Logic (Color Pic-a-Pix)
  • Mosaic Art Basic (Basic logic Fill-a-Pix)
  • Mosaic Art Advance (Advanced logic Fill-a-Pix)
  • Kaisen Puzzle (Classic Battleships)
  • Kenroji Single (Single-Op CalcuDoku)
  • Kenroji Dual (Dual-Op CalcuDoku)
  • Kenroji Card (Quad-Op CalduDoku)
  • Bridge Puzzle (Classic Hashi)

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