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Dot-a-Pix Interactive: Connect the Dots online!

Thursday, December 17, 2009 Dot-a-Pix Interactive: Connect the Dots online!

Dot-a-Pix Interactive, the most advanced online game for playing dot-to-dot puzzles with high quality detailed pictures, has been released by Conceptis. Targeted at ages 6 and above and suitable for anyone that enjoys picture drawing activities, Dot-a-Pix Interactive is a fun and intuitive casual game for all members in the family.

Including features such as mouse-over magnification, undoing and redoing moves, deleting lines, auto coloring lines, checking for errors and thumbnail preview, the new game adds a twist and lots of extra fun to the classic pencil and paper game we all played as children.

Dot-a-Pix Interactive puzzles come in 5 different variants; B&W, 2Color, Color, Multiline and Mega, and are available in a wide range of sizes with over 1000 dots in the large puzzles.

Play Dot-a-Pix Interactive

Can't wait to try Dot-a-Pix Interactive? There's a sample puzzle right on this page and more in the Dot-a-Pix section where you can solve all different variants in progressive sizes and difficulty levels. If you enjoyed these samples and looking for more there are 4 new Dot-a-Pix puzzles published every Friday on My Dot-a-Pix including one freebie.

For comments or questions please visit this forum thread, our Facebook page or just Twitter #dotapix @Conceptis.

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