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Battletaire Pro: Conceptis Battleships go iPhone and iPod touch

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 Battletaire Pro

Battletaire Pro, the world's first game for iPhone and iPod touch containing Battleships puzzles by Conceptis is now available on Apple App Store worldwide. Developed by Desired Logic, an American software company focused on building entertaining apps for iPhone and iTouch, Battletaire Pro provides 77 beautifully constructed Battleship puzzles at an all-affordable price of $1.99.

Battletaire Pro is a fun and challenging game for all ages. The application combines game play elements of Sudoku, Shrino and Picross where your mission is to find the location of the 10 hidden ships using the numbers along the grid as guides. The game comes with 77 Conceptis Battleship puzzles in ultra easy to very hard difficulty levels and is played with an English user interface.

Listed under "Staff Favourites" (October, 2009) on the main App page in the UK and Australia iTunes store, Battletaire Pro offers a few unique game-play features and an Interactive mobile puzzling experience not available anywhere else:

Battletaire Pro features

Battletaire Pro: Screenshots
  • OpenFeint Enabled: See how well you're doing compared to your friends and the world and earn OpenFeint achievements with each completed mission. There are 7 missions, each with 11 puzzles that gradually become more challenging. 77 puzzles in the initial release.
  • Advance from Seaman to Fleet Admiral as you progress in your mission. See how far you can move up the military ladder.
  • Get animation and sounds alerts for won and lost battles
  • Use multiple levels of undo/redo.
  • Capture snapshots of current game progress. Move between snapshots to try different paths.
  • Pinch the grid to zoom in on the action.
  • Save your progress for each mission so you can come back to it anytime.
  • Modify game options: sound, vibration, and automatically filling of empty rows and columns.
  • Use the instructive tutorial.
  • Replay any of the missions for hours of fun.

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