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Conceptis paid website - no more than $2 a week

Saturday, October 31, 2009 Conceptis paid website - no more than $2 a week

Starting Thursday, October 29, Conceptis Ltd. is charging members for most new puzzles published on conceptispuzzles.com each week. Offering pay-per-puzzle and discounted weekly package payment programs, puzzle fans can buy single puzzles paying as they go or all puzzles published each week for only $2. Thus conceptispuzzles.com becomes a flexible and affordable website offering quality logic puzzles at very reasonable prices.

To express our appreciation and allow members to start solving puzzles right away, 40 million free Conceptis Credits have been awarded to 80,000 active members with each member receiving 500 credits. Consequently, a huge number of free credits were immediately consumed by members to buy puzzles, causing massive server loads and temporarily slowing down response times. We are taking the necessary measures and normal website performance is expected to resume in a few days.

Here is how the paid website works. First you need to purchase Conceptis Credits using credit card or PayPal. You can get 500 Credits for $6, 1250 Credits for $12 or 3000 Credits for $25. The more Credits per purchase, the better discount you receive. Once you own Conceptis Credits you can start buying puzzles. If you are a selective puzzler looking for specific content then the pay-per-puzzle program is suitable for you. Just click on any puzzle you want to play. The number of Credits shown under the puzzle will be deducted from your account and the puzzle is yours for as long as this website exists.

Purchase credits

If you are not so selective and want to own all puzzles published in a certain week then the discounted weekly package program is the one for you. Go to the Weekly package page, select the week you want, and buy. 250 Credits will be deducted from your account and all puzzles of that week are yours for as long as this website exists.

Continue offering free puzzles every week

As paying members you will be able to play, save, resume, solve and replay your owned puzzles for indefinite periods of time, or print as many copies as you want. You will also be able to buy individual puzzles or weekly packages from the 5000 puzzles published since May 2008.

For non-paying members conceptispuzzles.com will continue offering a few free puzzles every week. When clicking on a “Free” puzzle, users can play, save, resume, solve, replay and print the puzzle during the week without using any Credits. However, since all saved and solved records will be lost when next week's puzzle update takes place, users are given the option to buy the free puzzle any time they want before the week is over.

The following are a few additional details and screenshots of the new website.

My Conceptis homepage

My Conceptis homepage

Each puzzle family shows how many puzzles were published this week, how many you bought but haven’t started playing yet, how many have been saved, how many are solved and how many are still available for buying.

Puzzle family pages

My Pic-a-Pix

Puzzle family pages provide week-by-week navigation to view puzzles which have been published since May 16 2008. For each puzzle the status ellipse shows if it is available for buying, or the playing, saving and solving status in case you have already bought it.

Calendar navigation

Puzzle family pages also allow browsing your personal archives by clicking My New, My Saved or My Solved buttons. Or, you can check all puzzles still available for purchase by clicking the Buy button.

Buying a puzzle

Buying a puzzle

Puzzles available for buying have a blue Buy ellipse and show their Credit price tag underneath. Upon clicking, the puzzle buying process with Conceptis Credits will begin, ending with a red Play ellipse and the corresponding Credits deducted from your account. From that moment you can play, save and solve this puzzle for as long as this website exists.

Buying a weekly package

Weekly package

The Weekly package page is a convenient way to buy, at considerable discount, all puzzles published any week since May 2008. Using the calendar, members can browse through all weeks to see which puzzles they contain before deciding to buy. Upon clicking the Buy package button, all puzzles of that week change from Buy to Play and 250 Credits are deducted from the member’s account. From that moment you can play, save and solve all puzzles published in that week for as long as this website exists.

Lastly, we would like to thank all members who have been continuously posting their views in the forums, on our Facebook page and via their Twitter accounts – regardless of what they are. We welcome you and your opinion regardless of what it is. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions or just feel like providing us with moral support please feel free to join this forum discussion.

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