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Conceptispuzzles.com changes to paid content website in 2 weeks

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 Conceptispuzzles.com changes to paid content website in 2 weeks

After operating as a no-charge website for the last 10 years and offering dozens of free puzzles every week, conceptispuzzles.com will become a paid content website in 2 weeks. Upon the new version release, the number of free puzzles in My Conceptis area will be reduced and most of them will turn into a pay-per-puzzle service requiring members to purchase Conceptis Credits with credit card or PayPal and using them to buy these puzzles.

The new premium service website will offer paying members some major benefits never available before, including access to all puzzles in the archives and the ability to save puzzles for indefinite periods of time. Thus, members will be able to play, save, resume, solve and replay any of the 5000 puzzles previously published since May 16th 2008 in addition to the 80 new puzzles which will continue to be published every week.

Pay only for the puzzles you really want

The new conceptispuzzles.com is a unique pay-as-you-go gaming platform allowing members to purchase Conceptis Credits and use them to buy puzzles - either one at a time for those specific puzzles they really want or as weekly packages with huge discounts. This way, Conceptis members can save by choosing their preferred plan and paying according to their budget and the amount of puzzles they actually consume.

Once puzzles are bought, the member is granted the license to use them on a personal basis for as long as this website exists. Members can play online whenever they want, save for any period of time and print any number of copies.

Continue offering free puzzles every week

For casual solvers who use only few puzzles each week and for new members who want to get a taste of pay-per-puzzle benefits before paying, conceptispuzzles.com will continue offering an assortment of new free puzzles every week. In addition, Conceptis will continue developing and releasing new types of puzzles and games which offer the same fun and quality our members have been accustomed to during the past 10 years.

“With the additional income we hope to get from paid content, Conceptis will have resources to develop many more games as well as increase the number of new puzzles published every week” says Dave Green, president of Conceptis. “This, together with all the wonderful features our new website has to offer, will undoubtedly build a trustful and long lasting relationship with our members.”

For more about the new site and what to expect please see Pay-per-Puzzle: a glance at the future of conceptispuzzles.com published in March. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions or just feel like providing us with moral support please feel free to join this forum discussion.

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