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Harder puzzles, please: Meister Sudoku brings more difficult Sudoku to Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 Meister Sudoku

The trend towards harder Sudoku puzzles continues: A new magazine released in Germany, Switzerland and Austria by Rätsel Agentur Schweiz joined other publications around the world focusing on hard level logic puzzles. Titled Meister Sudoku, the 52 page monthly magazine contains 121 Classic Sudoku, Diagonal Sudoku, Sum Sudoku, Irregular Sudoku, OddEven Sudoku and Mega Sudoku puzzles in hard and very hard difficulty levels.

As previously published by Conceptis, the trend towards more difficult Sudoku began in Japan about 2 years ago where some hard and very hard books were becoming more successful than others. This trend spread to some countries in Europe, including Rätsel Agentur’s successful Kniffel Sudoku, and now Meister Sudoku containing even harder puzzles is being published as a result.

"I feel this trend will continue even further" says Dave Green, president of Conceptis, "as more puzzle fans become proficient with Sudoku and start looking for harder challenges to keep their brains stimulated".

A different approach

Meister Sudoku internal page

In Meister Sudoku, Rätsel Agentur took a different page lay-out approach. Instead of having all puzzles in the same grid size, each page contains one very hard puzzle in a large grid and two hard puzzles in smaller grids which are similar in size to what we usually see in newspapers. This unique layout (see picture above) enables Rätsel Agentur to pack 50 percent more puzzles in the magazine as most publishers place only 2 puzzles on each page.

Stefan Haller, graphic designer of Raetsel Agentur says the company has launched Meister Sudoku because hard puzzles are getting more and more ‎popular. "The idea was to give the space and attention to the very ‎hard Sudoku", explains Haller, "while including the less difficult puzzles in a size people are familiar with from their experience with ‎newspapers."

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