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Weekly review T-shirt 2009: Solve & Wear your Fill-a-Pix

Thursday, March 26, 2009 2009 T-shirt

Starting today, winners of Conceptis' Weekly review will receive the new T-shirt design for 2009. Following the results of a poll asking Conceptis puzzle fans to choose between two T-shirt types, the 2009 T-shirt is a Solve & Wear containing an unsolved Advanced Logic Fill-a-Pix puzzle. Solve & Wear T-shirts can be solved using any high quality laundry marker such as Sharpie to ensure the picture won't fade in the wash.

As in 2008, the 2009 T-shirt remains exclusive to the winners of the Weekly review and can not be purchased or otherwise obtained anywhere else. Yet, other Solve & Wear T-shirts are available for purchasing at Conceptis' logic puzzle gift shop. The idea to create solvable Conceptis gifts was brought up by Conceptis community members during the beta stages of the gift shop. For more about Conceptis' Solve & Wear T-shirts see here.

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