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Puzzle Anywhere: Play, save, and resume your puzzles anywhere, anytime.

Thursday, September 25, 2008 Puzzle Anywhere

Ever started solving online puzzles in the office and wanted to continue at home? Puzzle Anywhere, a new online puzzle gaming concept which saves puzzles on Conceptis’ servers via the Internet, now allows solvers to play, save, and continue the same puzzles on any computer anywhere in the world. Hence, members of conceptispuzzles.com are no longer restricted to playing interactive puzzles on the same computer. Since the beta-release of Puzzle Anywhere in August 21 more than one million partial puzzle solutions were saved on conceptispuzzles.com.

High quality puzzles coupled with premium services

In addition to the save on server functionality, Puzzle Anywhere also supports Conceptis’ active thumbnail preview, where puzzle thumbnail images automatically update to reflect the new solution state whenever they are saved. With this unique feature, members returning to My Conceptis have a quick and easy preview of all puzzles in the state they were last saved. Puzzle Anywhere is available for all puzzles played in the My Conceptis section. Puzzles played in other sections, as well as puzzles syndicated on other websites continue to be saved on the user’s local hard disk as before.

According to Dave Green, president of Conceptis, Puzzle Anywhere is one more step towards a paid content website which will serve high quality puzzles coupled with premium services. "Looking beyond the world of puzzles, Puzzle Anywhere is definitely not alone" says Green. "From web-based email and personal document services such as Gmail and Google Docs to social bookmarking networks as delicious and picture hosting spaces as Flickr, most of us want our information available anywhere, anytime. You can say that as cloud computing becomes a transparent part of our personal space, so does playing puzzle games online. At least on our website"

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