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loryheath -> RE: First beta online (6/20/2005 3:07:49 AM)

Thanks for the help [:D] How do I access the puzzles through the program? Please send any puzzlesto [url][/url]. My favorites are the BIG FAP and PAP puzzles. [:)][:)]

susie_cc -> RE: First beta online (6/20/2005 3:11:12 AM)

To load new puzzles from this site every week, open the program, select file, then load from web. The program will check to see if new puzzles are available. If they are, select start.

rogerllobet -> RE: First beta online (6/20/2005 10:26:12 PM)

Does anybody have huge PAP's? I can't find any...

lekahe -> RE: First beta online (6/21/2005 2:17:45 AM)

Try for instance
There are more somewhere in the forums, just keep looking...


lekahe -> RE: First beta online (6/21/2005 2:58:57 AM)

Here are some more:
Da Vinci

Holy Family


Laughing Chavalier:

and I assume You visited



offshore -> RE: First beta online (6/23/2005 10:07:25 AM)

Hey Oops, just downloaded your program (brand new to PAP!) - it works, downloads work, puzzles work, I'm having tons of fun
You man rock!!!

lekahe -> RE: First beta online (6/23/2005 12:05:28 PM)

Hi offshore,

When You run out of puzzles, just ask. Many of us have big archives.


karenabell -> RE: First beta online (6/24/2005 5:47:08 PM)

Hi Everyone, I've just discovered this site and downloaded Oops's software (which is brilliant by the way). I love all the puzzles but especially the FAPs and LAPs so can anyone please please send me some previous ones I can use with the PicPuz....Thanx a lot (Email: [:D]

lekahe -> RE: First beta online (6/24/2005 7:38:43 PM)

Karenabell, You have mail and thanks[:)] you did it sofar on Your own


karenabell -> RE: First beta online (6/24/2005 11:18:06 PM)

Hi Leena

Thanks for your prompt reply, I can't wait to start.


Broker -> RE: First beta online (6/29/2005 3:04:05 AM)

Hi Lekahe I just have discovered the forums. I read that some of you have more puzzles and I'd be pleased if you can send to me some of them . Thanks

lekahe -> RE: First beta online (6/29/2005 9:36:34 AM)

Hi Broker,
I sent you puzzles to go with the program, if You want pdf's, too, just ask!


itty -> RE: First beta online (6/30/2005 12:14:38 PM)

Hi, I'm new and just downloaded the program! Can someone send me some fun LAPs and PAPs and whatever else kind of XAPs there are? Thanks!!

itty (

lekahe -> RE: First beta online (6/30/2005 12:25:27 PM)

Hi Itty, I sent You my XAP's

Leena [:D]

Pheonix0303 -> RE: First beta online (7/1/2005 1:40:24 AM)

After losing many puzzles I have now download LogicPuzzler and it brillant - Thank you. -> RE: First beta online (7/2/2005 11:09:15 PM)

Could someone please send me older puzzles?

Thanks in advance,

lekahe -> RE: First beta online (7/3/2005 1:02:06 AM)

Hi Gena, You have mail[:)]


skivlin -> RE: First beta online (7/6/2005 9:05:16 PM)

Ooops ( or anyone ), please put me out my misery. I've been using Picpuz for a while now and find it particularly handy when doing the larger puzzles as it enables me to save frequently so I can keep returning to puzzles but also can find time to other things :-).
There is one small thing that I can't work out. That is when doing PAPs I don't understand the tiny numbers at the top and left hand side of the puzzles in the highlighted ( guide ) lines. These change as you go along or move down the puzzle but I can't fathom what they are. Hope I've described them clearly and that someone can help.


susie_cc -> RE: First beta online (7/6/2005 9:49:49 PM)

If I'm understanding you correctly, those numbers are the clues for the column/line you are looking at.

Nettawil -> RE: First beta online (7/6/2005 9:56:49 PM)

Hi Susan,
The numbers on the top and left hand side indicate the amount of empty cells in a row or column. So, if the number is 0 you can fill in every cell as given. Otherwise it helps counting; when the number on the side is smaller than any given number in the row or column, you know how many cells remain empty and so how many you can fill in. Hope this explains enough?

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