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marlene_nv -> RE: First beta online (1/17/2005 7:21:16 PM)

The zipfile I sent you contained both an .exe file and a text file. So I suppose Marlies has got the problem figured out.

mobleemom -> RE: First beta online (1/18/2005 1:00:06 AM)

OK, I guess we have to fool the computer. I am not getting it. So can someone plesse send me a disguised file at . Thanks
And then all I do is save it to a new file changing the extension to .exe and everything will go forward from there, right?
I guess I can't change the .pdf files to .lmf and "fool" Ooops' program into downloading them?

Cyclone -> RE: First beta online (1/18/2005 3:38:29 AM)

mobleemom, PDF is a different format used only by Acrobat, I think.


davehutch -> RE: First beta online (1/18/2005 5:22:27 AM)

Or, FYI, preview for the Mac.



mawa -> RE: First beta online (1/21/2005 1:58:45 AM)

Hi Mobleemom,

You've got mail, I sent you the file, disguised as a textfile. Hope it will work...

littleredrmh -> RE: First beta online (2/5/2005 11:29:53 PM)

When I try to install the software, my antivirus software says it contains a virus and blocks the install. Is there any chance that your program has been corrupted?

Ooops -> RE: First beta online (2/6/2005 6:15:51 AM)

My own system is 100 % virus free. I also checked whether the ZIP you find on my web server is still identical with the one I uploaded - I found nothing to complain...

Can you tell me:
- Which Antivirus software do you use?
- Which virus is reported to be in my program?
- Which module of the setup is said to be infected? Setup.exe? PicPuz.exe? Or some other file?

littleredrmh -> RE: First beta online (2/6/2005 8:58:42 AM)

The Anti-virus software I'm using is Trend Micro's PC-Cillin. The virus name given is "spyw_monitor.302" I cannot find information about this virus, however, in Trend's Knowledge Base. The version I'm using is the link in your first message v0.91, I think.

littleredrmh -> RE: First beta online (2/6/2005 9:07:25 AM)

Okay.... visited the quarantine section of my antivirus software and it says the file is clean.... restore it, and the real-time scanner catches it again...

So, I just turned off the scanner long enough to install it, then turned it back on. It's working great. Sorry to bother you.

By the way... love the program! Wish it could download puzzles from other sites too. Are there any downloadable repositories of puzzles for this program?

mightymolly -> RE: First beta online (2/7/2005 1:40:45 PM)


The Anti-virus software I'm using is Trend Micro's PC-Cillin. The virus name given is "spyw_monitor.302" I cannot find information about this virus, however, in Trend's Knowledge Base. The version I'm using is the link in your first message v0.91, I think.

ok, not that I know a huge amount about computers, but that sounds like a spyware virus (ie it records everything that you do on your pc). Is it possible the virus is already there, having come from a different source?

Jpole -> RE: First beta online (2/8/2005 5:44:33 AM)

I'm not sure what the possibility of this would really be, but could you implement a way to have a .non FAP/LAP file? A thought would be like just having the numbers listed going across, obviously only for black and white. You could use a *space* for a blank square and you could separate the numbers by commas. Just a thought, since I have taken a liking to LAP and FAPs of late but can't convert pdf's to your program.

EDIT: Apparently, FAPs can already be converted using Axel's program...must look into that...anyways, could LAPs be incorporated?

Cyclone -> RE: First beta online (2/8/2005 5:59:05 AM)

Just a brief review on what puzzle types we can create of our own that Ooops' program can read...

PAPs: .non (invented by himself)
LAPs: .lp
FAPs: .fp (Axel's program creation)
MAPs: (Duh)

I like the above suggestion. I'd like to see some user-created LAP puzzles, or the ability to copy some otherwise paper-only puzzles into the program to solve online (i.e. any weeklies that were previously not easily downloadable in .lmf format, and LAP review puzzles). Ooops, can you manipulate the .fp format somewhat to suit LAPs?

If you need samples, ask Axel or myself, as I can send a bevy that I did as well.

EDIT: table updated. Since I do not delete and act like prior posts didn't exist, just ignore the above two paragraphs now. [:D]


Ooops -> RE: First beta online (2/8/2005 4:16:28 PM)

The program DOES also support .lp files (which are LAP files similar to the FAP .fp files).
I thought there was a textfile describing this file format within the setup package. Must have got lost somewhere sometimes.
Currently at work, I will look at home for that text and post it here.

Cyclone -> RE: First beta online (2/8/2005 8:43:02 PM)

I never realized that! Well, I found that the PicPuz README...

1.3.3. lp

The first line in lp files are the same as in fp files, so you have
1. width
2. height
3. puzzle number (optional)
4. puzzle name/title (optional)
each separated by blanks.

The second line describes the colors that are used in a LAP puzzle. If you have a b/w LAP, just write "0x0" here (for black), otherwise write down each color in hexadecimal notation (prefix 0x), all colors on one line, each separated by blanks (eg. "0x7B4521 0xFF6500 0x000000 0x6B75B5 0xDEAE94" for five colors). Memorize the order of your colors: The first is Color "1", the second is "2", and so on.

From the third line on the puzzle matrix is described like in fp files. But consider: You don't use numbers but letters! (Numbers can have 2 digits also; And the file could be misinterpreted as FAP puzzle.)
So use "A" for the number 1, "B" for 2, "C" for 3 etc. I didn't see any LAP with a link number greater than 22 yet, so I think 26 letters should be enough ;-). Use special chars (like "-" or blanks) to fill the blank squares into your definition.

Special handling for color LAPs: If you have defined more than one color in line 2, each row of your puzzle is described by two(!) lines in the lp file. The first line is the same as for b/w LAPs. The second line contains the color data. You don't need any blanks here, just write for every Number in the first line the appropriate color value (1 to number of colors) into the second. The color values must be in the same order as the numbers appear in the first of the two lines.

Example: This is a proper definition of a LAP puzzle row with 5 colors:

NOTE: If you have a b/w LAP puzzle, don't use blank lines instead of the color definition line. Just leave the second line out and write only the lines with the numbers' definition!

Yay! [:D]


littleredrmh -> RE: First beta online (2/11/2005 5:00:09 AM)

I'm using the program PicPuz. I downloaded the free puzzles from conceptis, but it only downloaded 3 of them instead of all of them. I think the three it downloaded are the first 3 from each category, instead of all 4 of each category (excepting the Maze ones, of course, which are only in PDF format).

Does anyone know how I can make it download all of the free weekly puzzles instead of just 3?

Cyclone -> RE: First beta online (2/11/2005 10:23:11 AM)

First off, what version are you using? And did you apply any bugfixes and such as needed?


littleredrmh -> RE: First beta online (2/12/2005 3:01:59 AM)

Ah, thanks for the reminder. I changed computers, when I reinstalled I forgot the bugfix.

Thanks for the help.

I10VESN00PY -> RE: First beta online (3/5/2005 9:48:29 AM)

Hi Ooops

I'm new at this and would REALLY like to use your software. But no matter how I do it (and I've done it 4 times including rebooting), I do not seem to get the software to work.

I have retrieved the puzzles from the web successfully, but every time I try to open anything, the program closes up.

I'm using XP and I have included the bugfix.

At Wits End...

Ooops -> RE: First beta online (3/6/2005 10:37:37 PM)

Weird,... I never heard of such behavior, yet. Seems that my program "crashes" while it creates the preview for the Windows' "Open dialog".
But as I said - no other user yet has described such behavior. Are you sure you have no virus/worm/trojan/spyware on your machine?
Do you have another PC to check the program?

Cyclone -> RE: First beta online (3/7/2005 2:03:58 AM)

Ooops, did you ever get my e-mail? When are we getting a format to implement our own color PAPs? It appears to be the only one NOT supported so far out of our own puzzles, and I'd like to see it if you can manage it. [:)]


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