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Baalbek -> Legal clue? (6/25/2019 6:28:59 AM)

Hello Conceptis! Amazing puzzle site! I have been seriously struck by the Fill-a-pix fever, but wanted to know how you, or any fans see this specific situation:

Often you have a situation where you will need the info from "further away" to solve the last pixels in an otherwise contained area. Sometimes you will notice that "if the last darkened pixel of this 4 does not satisfy this 5, there will be NO clues for those last pixels on the other side of the 5."

Since the puzzle would then be unsolvable it is obvious that the last pixel of the 4 must be the one that will also satisfy the 5, sending a cross into the unsolved area, and solving it. Is it OK to act on a clue like that?

BTW, I'm working with pen and paper on "The hardest Fill-A-Pix in the world" Great fun! Maybe some 60% solved right now, but chipping away on it, little by little.

hok0003 -> RE: Legal clue? (6/29/2019 5:36:21 AM)

Personally, I don't. It isn't part of the rules and it'll always be possible to solve the puzzle without that assumption.
However I would use that as a starting point for further deduction.
i.e. I know it's going to be wrong, so I should be able to prove that by assuming it's right and finding a contradiction.

Ahlyis -> RE: Legal clue? (7/12/2019 12:59:21 AM)

I agree with Hok0003.

I never assume a puzzle has a legal and unique solution. Even though I have yet to find one here that doesn't fit that criteria, I never use it as a basis when solving a puzzle. I operate on the idea that, who knows, perhaps this is the time Conceptis screwed up and I'll never know if I assume they haven't and use that while solving the puzzle.

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