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frisco -> Sudoku diagonal #15 (5/1/2019 8:03:54 PM)

Need some help solving the attached diagonal puzzle. It is listed as #15 in the hard starters section of the Sudoku Library app. I've put it through "Sudoku Solver", however it is not able to solve the puzzle. Have I missed entering a number somewhere?


hok0003 -> RE: Sudoku diagonal #15 (5/4/2019 2:18:25 AM)

Yes, the 3 in row 7; the 2 in column 8.

hairhunter -> RE: Sudoku diagonal #15 (5/4/2019 7:36:58 PM)

Hi frisco,

your small hint numbers are correct; you can see that there is only one cell in row 7 where you can fill in the "3" which is in column 8!
After that, you can place another "3" in row 4, column 4 when taking the diagonal constraints into consideration as well.


frisco -> RE: Sudoku diagonal #15 (5/5/2019 4:23:31 AM)

Thanks hairhunter and hok0003 for responding. Much appreciated!

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