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dmcadam -> B&W Pic-a-pix (4/20/2019 1:22:58 AM)

Am I only the only puzzler that prefers B&W Pic-a-pix? It's disappointing each week to see so many colour puzzles and few b&w. I don't do the really large ones (70x50 or larger) as they are too big for the screen. Doesn't leave much else. :(

Razorflame -> RE: B&W Pic-a-pix (5/8/2019 2:10:37 AM)

Most of the puzzles that are released are determined by the total number of players that solve each individual puzzle every week. If you take a look at this week's 15x15 B&W PAP and compare it to last week's 25x25 Color PAP, you will see that 200 more people solved the 25x25 from last week. I cannot directly compare it to this week's 25x25 Color PAP because of the fact that it is free this week, which drastically increases the number of solves a puzzle gets.

Basically put, more people solve the Color PAPs, so more Color PAPs are released.

KathKat449 -> RE: B&W Pic-a-pix (5/10/2019 4:04:42 PM)

I, too, prefer B&W !!! It's just different thinking - to me.

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