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Cricket1001 -> Tutorials need to be not just using flash (2/27/2019 5:57:57 PM)

I am very sad that the tutorials can only be seen if you are on a desktop computer. I am on my ipad and I think since you have the puzzles for ios that you should have the tutorials available to watch on my ipad. I know there is a written tutorial in the app but that tutorial only shows how to play for example Pic-a-Pix when you get large numbers that overlap. But there are puzzles in the Ultra Easy that don’t have any overlap so it’s hard to even start. They used only low numbers that could be anywhere. So if the flash tutorials don’t address many ideas to help not just when you get large overlapping numbers but also the puzzles that don’t have any overlap and only small numbers. I’m so frustrated cause I can’t even start on some of the Ultra Easy puzzles because of no overlapping. I’ve studied and studied the 10 x 10 block and see no clue as to any box that has to be filled or empty.

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