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dutchboyus -> Using credits in Mobile apps (4/18/2017 1:35:51 PM)

I'm very happy with the increasing support for Android devices, thank you. I'm less happy that you can't spend web credits in the mobile apps. I have a fair amount of web credits, but in an increasingly mobile world they​ are now essentially useless. I won't be spending money on mobile puzzle packs when I still have credits with your business.

Are there any plans to let us spend credits in apps? It seems like there are few technical hurdles here (log in / link a conceptis account).

Ahlyis -> RE: Using credits in Mobile apps (4/21/2017 6:58:54 PM)

I would be surprised if they allowed this as the pricing structures are quite different between the web and mobile. Still, it would be great if they did allow it.

dave -> RE: Using credits in Mobile apps (5/1/2017 10:19:02 PM)

I'm afraid this option won't be possible in the near future since the iOS/Android apps are based on in-app purchasing and the purchasing is done from the Apple/Google stores (and not from Conceptis). However, there are other ideas brewing which might enable using Conceptis Credits on mobile devices. We'll know better later on this year.

Thanks, Dave

rmm466nh -> RE: Using credits in Mobile apps (11/30/2018 3:16:22 PM)

Any updates on the "other ideas brewing"? I came to this thread because I too am wanting to use my credits in the app.

dave -> RE: Using credits in Mobile apps (12/4/2018 9:14:29 PM)

Unfortunately our other ideas didn't work out, so it's not possible using Conceptis Credits to purchase puzzles on mobile devices.


gbal -> RE: Using credits in Mobile apps (4/4/2019 3:36:13 PM)

Hi to all.
I am a newcomer to this game and I like it. I started playing some free puzzle, then I bought credits to continue this amazing activity. Yesterday I got an app for Pic-a-Pix and I was surprised to see I am not able to use my web credits with the mobile environment. I read there are many reasons not allowing this but, as customer, I definitively not agree the explaining.[:@]

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