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CIOntario -> Bad reporting results? (3/7/2014 4:24:26 PM)

Quite often I solve a battleship puzzle on the fourth or fifth (or tenth) clearing, and when I do, it usually happens quickly. When I comment and share, it gives the wrong impression that I solved it quickly. Am I doing something wrong? I would much rather give an accurate account of true solution time. I actually am more interested in seeing the average solution time, and wonder if it isn't artificially lowered by other puzzle solvers like myself who are on their later attempts.

mig23 -> RE: Bad reporting results? (3/8/2014 1:57:13 PM)

I would think the averages are more affected by people that leave a puzzle to go do something else without pausing, or the easier puzzles by having members ' children do them. Especially on the large puzzles find that I will forget to pause them when I take a break. I just try to beat the average time. Greetings from St. Thomas!

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