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glampyro -> Battleships Puzzles (12/31/2013 1:34:52 AM)

I have gone straight through most of the puzzles on conceptis.
But for some reason, I cannot get through all of the easy Battleship puzzles.
The 10x10 is rated "easy" as well as the 8x8.
I have stared at it and started over a number of times, but I must still be missing one or more very obvious steps or techniques.
I usually derive solution techniques fairly quickly, but not for the battleships. :\
Anyone have a general tip??
Thank you :)


glampyro -> RE: Battleships Puzzles (12/31/2013 1:42:54 AM)

Example: There are 4 different possible places to put the Destroyer (4 length) but I don't see any way of eliminating any possibilities.

hok0003 -> RE: Battleships Puzzles (12/31/2013 12:49:43 PM)

A given black square indicates it is in the middle of a ship.
If it were an end piece it would be rounded on one side (or a circle for a size 1 ship).

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