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ozooxo -> My puzzle game attempt: "How Many Blocks?" (9/2/2013 6:16:06 PM)

Hi everybody,

I have some ideas of a new puzzle game (or maybe some other people have already designed something similar? If yes, please tell me), and I made a demo so you can try to play. I share it with you here to ask your suggestions:


The game names "How Many Blocks?". It asks you asks imagine 3 dimensional block configurations from their 2 dimensional projections. You can download it from (source code + win 64bit exe) (source code)

I also have some screenshots so you can know quickly what this game is about.

Thanks a lot.


Feidhlim -> RE: My puzzle game attempt: "How Many Blocks?" (9/25/2013 2:07:25 PM)

This is Feidhlim's mom here, for a change.

As this post has been up for a while with no response, I'll give you my opinion and say that this type of puzzle leaves me cold! I remember being faced with similar questions during an EU "civil service" entrance exam back in the 1980s and I skipped the lot! I just don't have that kind of spatial reasoning.

Number One Rule: Research your market. I think perhaps Conceptis (with its wide appeal and fan-base) is the wrong forum to be requesting advice. I'd say try it on a Minecraft-style gaming site; I've seen the way my boys manipulate those Minecraft blocks and I'm in awe! However, I (and I suspect many others) enjoy Conceptis logic puzzles for the fun and relaxation of it, so any puzzle that involves trying to tie my brain in knots is never going to get my personal "thumbs up".

Best wishes,


Feidhlim -> RE: My puzzle game attempt: "How Many Blocks?" (9/25/2013 2:36:00 PM)

Post script:

Feidhlim and his brothers ask me to add that the puzzle would be more interesting if it was a Minecraft mod with texture packs and could be made part of the game, so that it looks fun and not like a maths lesson.

I have no idea what mods and texture packs are but I definitely agree with the last bit.

ozooxo -> RE: My puzzle game attempt: "How Many Blocks?" (10/13/2013 5:45:38 PM)

Hi Feidhlim,

Thanks a lot for suggestions. I tested my game in some physics major students (as I am one of them), some of them like it, some of them really really hate it (for the same reason as you, do you want to let me go through another exam?). That's definitely a big problem for this game.

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