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Phrancko -> Saved puzzle-how do I continue it? (6/30/2013 3:31:02 AM)

I started a large Pic-a-PiX puzzle and saved it before closing the window. Now I would like to resume it from where I was, but I can't find a way to bring it back. When I go to the Play Online page, "My Saved" says 0 (under My Pic-a-Pix as well as everywhere else) and My Solved also says 0. I have solved a number of puzzles before now and they all got "saved" when they were completed. So I thought I'd also find them there, but everything says "0" except Current week (8), My New (1), and Buy (1601) in the category My Pic-a-Pix.

I am using a Chrome Browser in Mac OS X (ver. 10.8.3).

I am reluctant to buy puzzles if the save mechanism is not working.


z287marc -> RE: Saved puzzle-how do I continue it? (6/30/2013 3:18:27 PM)

It appears that you are playing the 'free' weekly puzzle. The free puzzles are active for only a week unless you purchase the puzzle. For example, if you started this week's free PAP, it is active until July 4. On July 5th, your saved and solved stats will reset unless you purchase the puzzle.

yueruxu -> RE: Saved puzzle-how do I continue it? (7/2/2013 6:21:55 AM)

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