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fetchund -> Battleships free puzzle (6/24/2013 7:13:56 PM)

Not sure how this one rates as an "easy" past this point... what am I missing?


Ivoryy -> RE: Battleships free puzzle (6/25/2013 8:14:52 AM)

Well, you know for row 6 (the one with 5), since there's only six spots left, the only possible combinations of ship lengths are either 1 & 4 or 2 & 3. However, row 5 (right above it) has 2, and you only have one marked in that row so far, so you'll need to put another in there. If you put 2 & 3 in row 6, then all the boxes left in row 5 will get marked out, so it can't be 2 & 3... so it has to be 1 & 4. Therefore, you know that row 6 HAS to go: ship, ?, ship, ship, ?, ship, water, water. That should assist you with row 5 as well.

I hope that's clear ^_^

ElectroFredja -> RE: Battleships free puzzle (6/25/2013 11:49:55 AM)

In row 1 (the one with a 6), you have a square shipwich leaves us with the ship end next to it. On column 8 (the one with a 4) we have such ship end and a 2square ship, wich makes the 4 full squares required, being the one left at the bottom an end ship square.

fetchund -> RE: Battleships free puzzle (6/25/2013 1:43:28 PM)

that's it! I kind of figured it out, but I still don't think that this one fits in the "easy" category. I feel like if your logic has to be 2 steps ahead of your actions, it is a medium! Thanks, though!

fetchund -> RE: Battleships free puzzle (6/25/2013 1:47:29 PM)

But, ElectroFredia, that is the puzzle AFTER I filled part of it in. The square pieces were not a given, so you can't guarantee that they are middle parts. Ivoryy gave me the logic it needs, but I still can't see that it was an "easy", the way the original was presented. Thanks for your help!

jmkohl -> RE: Battleships free puzzle (6/27/2013 4:36:07 PM)

Agree that it is not Easy. To me, an Easy puzzle can be solved using basic logic (this is true, then that must be true, then that must be true, etc). This requires multiple scenarios and process of elimination to achieve a breakthrough that allows you to solve the rest.

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