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joopa -> Average time in statistics? (5/24/2013 12:07:37 AM)

Every puzzle id has an info page where you can see average time users have taken to solve the puzzle. I have a bunch of questions regarding this average time.

1. Shouldn't this be median time instead? Users leaving puzzle window open and going idle will easily skew the resulting average.

2. Does it take into account what helpful tools the player has used? For example using the 3x3 Smart-fill cursor to automatically paint multiple tiles in Fill-a-PiX makes solving the puzzle much faster.

3. What about cheating? These puzzles are made to be solved with logic, but does using the error-checking feature invalidate solving time
3.1. When used by repeatedly checking for correct answers?
3.2. When used at all?

My personal solving times are usually much faster than the average time, so this made me question the validity of the average. I use tools and sometimes check for errors out of convenience. When I find error, I undo the latest change and try to find a logical reason to fill the blanks instead.

chaosmanor -> RE: Average time in statistics? (6/19/2013 4:54:03 AM)

This topic has come up several times in the past, with no resolution, obviously. All of your points are valid, but I think the bottom line is, the timer is really there because more people expect to see a timer than not. I wouldn't worry too much about it, especially as the fastest and slowest times are not published, despite several requests to do so. Showing those two times would make the "average" a little more relevant.

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