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Gorrowsel -> Checkpoints (3/31/2013 1:51:54 PM)

I have only recently discovered your web site and IOS apps and I am now wondering how I survived all those years without them. I am having immense fun trying to solve all your puzzles at all levels.

However, for the harder ones, I would find it very helpful if you could work in some way to checkpoint a puzzle at a given point and then be able to revert back to that checkpoint after solving the puzzle and seeing where a given choice took you. In fact I would really like to be able to save three or four checkpoints as sometimes one level of 'what if?' isn't enough.

I am currently simulating that functionality by noting down where I made a 'what if?' choice and then using the undo button when I find it leads to a dead end which works very well until I have to stop and save the puzzle and then I lose all the backtracking information when I next resume it.

I know I can always save the puzzle as a single checkpoint, but that is only one checkpoint and I would lose all the timing information every time I reloaded it.

Is this possible?


dave -> RE: Checkpoints (4/1/2013 10:42:24 PM)

hi Gorrowsel

We're always looking for ways to improve our games. The feature you're describing is available in some of our online games (as an option for marking squares, which is somewhat different from what you suggest) and not yet in our apps. We'll probably add the marking squares feature in some of our apps too, once we get more experience and user feedback. The online games have been running for many years while the iOS apps are still rather new and will undergo more improvements and updates.

Thanks for the suggestions


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