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Ginkgo100 -> Sudoku suggestions (3/11/2013 2:10:18 AM)

1. I notice that on both iOS Sudoku and Web Skyscrapers, when a number is entered, all pencil marks for that number in the row and column (and region, in sudoku) disappear. This is such a handy feature. Would you consider adding it to Web Sudoku?

2. In Sum Sudoku on the Web, if you left-click on a pencil mark without selecting it, the pencil marks for the next highest number (instead of the number selected) are highlighted. This seems to be a bug, as it makes no sense and is not present in other sudoku variants. It's very inconvenient Can this be fixed?

dave -> RE: Sudoku suggestions (3/12/2013 8:38:44 PM)

We're planning to migrate our online games from Flash to HTML5. During this process, we'll add the features and fix the bug.

Thanks, Dave

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