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Priceisright218 -> Fill-a-pix adv log str 1 (2/13/2013 5:40:28 PM)

Advanced logic starters 1 puzzle 1
I think I found as high as my logic bar can go:(


jhitchin -> RE: Fill-a-pix adv log str 1 (2/13/2013 8:02:01 PM)

I'm going to number the columns 1-8 left to right, and the rows A-H top to bottom.

The 5 in cell A5 has 3 unknown fills left to put in. These will go in the four cells that overlap the 3 in cell A4 since two cells are already filled in A6 and B6. This means that the two cells A3 and B3 must be blank since we know that the three fills are in the four overlapping cells, so neither A3 or B3 can be fills.

Using the same logic, the cells C1 and C2 must be blank as well.

Then, from here, let's focus on the 5 in cell C3. Cell B3 is a blank as we figured out earlier. Now, the 5 in C3 overlaps six cells with a 3 in cell D3. If both B2 and B4 are blank, that will put five fills in the overlapping cells which is impossible. If only one of the two is blank, it will put four fills in the overlapping cells, which is also impossible. Therefore, cells B2 and B4 must be fills.

I hope this helps!


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