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ChaoticBrain -> Suggestions for existing puzzles (2/12/2013 4:00:14 AM)

  • The game should start paused by default.
  • Pause/Resume should be its own button, not contained within the Progress window.
  • It should be possible to unpause simply by clicking on the puzzle.
  • While paused, Restart, Show Progress, Show Solution, Preferences, About, Help, Print, and Save should remain available.

  • Once puzzles get above a certain size, they become a chore to solve, as you need to constantly scroll or screencap to keep track of what numbers/colors are in the headers for each row and column. Compact mode helps for large puzzles, but is useless for huge puzzles. To that end, I suggest that you redesign the game window to contain three viewports; one for the row headers, one for the column headers, and one for the grid. No matter where you are on the grid, the row and column headers are always visible. When you scroll the grid (either with arrows on the edges of the screen, or a virtual trackball that you click and drag), the headers scroll along with it.
  • Furthermore, in compact mode, display the row and column headers in a viewport below the puzzle. To save space, display them both horizontally, and precede them with a right-facing and down-facing arrow, for row and column respectively.
  • Allow players to mark/unmark squares by holding Ctrl, and clear all squares by holding Ctrl and pressing Space.
  • Allow players to dot/undot squares by holding Shift.

    All Sudoku variants
  • Provide an option to replace all instances of double-digit numbers in larger puzzles with the letters in the top row of the keyboard; so for the QWERTY layout, this would be 10 -> Q, 11 -> W, 12 -> E, etc.; for the AZERTY layout, this would be 10 -> A, 11 -> Z, 12 -> E, etc.

    Sum Sudoku, and Multi Sudoku containing Sum Sudoku
  • Add a viewport below the puzzle that displays all possible sums, similar to Kakuro and Cross Sums.

  • Allow the player to mark tiles with numbers, indicating which length ships can go in which tiles.

  • Now, I can't be the only one who employs the following strategy: Circle ALL the numbers, and use the red circles to immediately spot which numbers show up multiple times in a row or column. Instead of relying on that, I'd like to have an optional feature where, when I hover over a square, all matching numbers in the puzzle are highlighted.
  • Provide an option to replace all instances of double-digit numbers with letters; so 10 -> A, 11 -> B, 12 -> C, etc.

  • Include new variants with Triangle-tiles and Hexagon-tiles.

  • Include a new variant where you make connections in 3 directions instead of 2. 60-degree turns instead of 90-degree turns.

  • Include new variants with Triangle-tiles and Hexagon-tiles.

  • Create an optional Isometric View. In this view, you would click on a ground tile to add a level, and Shift-click to remove a level. You could also rotate the view 90-degrees by clicking arrows on the sides.

  • dave -> RE: Suggestions for existing puzzles (2/12/2013 12:35:58 PM)

    Thank you for all the suggestions. We will consider them next time we make changes or updates to the games.

    Thanks, Dave

    ChaoticBrain -> RE: Suggestions for existing puzzles (2/12/2013 1:16:42 PM)

    I don't want to seem ungrateful for your reply, but to be honest, given how brief and generic it is, I'm not certain if you're actually interested in any of my ideas, or just being diplomatic.

    Please tell me, which ideas stand out to you as good?

    dave -> RE: Suggestions for existing puzzles (2/12/2013 4:53:22 PM)

    The current gaming features are a result of millions of games being played by hundreds of thousands of users during the last 10 years. We think most of our community is happy with the way it works now. Of course there can always be improvements, but to do them costs money and requires resources, which we don't presently have since we're focused on new iOS apps development. We plan to migrate to HTML5 sometime in the future. When we reach that point we will consider some improvements but we will probably stick to the present features to minimize programming costs.

    We appreciate your understanding

    Thanks, Dave

    ChaoticBrain -> RE: Suggestions for existing puzzles (2/13/2013 1:13:41 AM)

    Alright then.

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