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cjf11 -> weekly puzzles missing (1/22/2013 1:21:05 AM)


I was on vacation for 2 weeks so didn't log in to purchase weekly puzzles. Now the template is there but the puzzles do not load in. Is this a problem on my end or yours, do you know?

dave -> RE: weekly puzzles missing (1/22/2013 10:43:47 AM)

This problem is on your computer. There can be several reasons: problem with cache, a pop-up blocker, Flash add-on disabled or corrupted Flash S/W. One of the following steps should fix it:

Cache: Try clearing your browser’s cache.

Pop-up blocker: Please make sure pop-ups are enabled. If you have Google pop-up blocker make sure it is switched off for Conceptis website.

Flash add-on disabled: Check your browser’s add-ons, to make sure Flash is enabled.

Corrupted Flash S/W: Download and re-install Adobe Flash.

Thanks, Dave

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