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waszczuk -> Idea for new puzzle (1/11/2013 4:54:58 AM)


I love all the logic puzzles in this site, and I'd love it if more and more types of puzzles are included in it (if possible of course)

I read logic puzzles magazines some times, and I thought this game could fit in here:

It's called "Laser shooter" (at least the English translation), and it works like this:

Just like in most conceptis puzzles, it starts with an empty grid. In some of the grids there are numbers.
Each number indicates the number of grids that grid can shoot a laser to, in all 4 directions from said cell: up, down, left and right.

So a grid like this:

X 3 X

Would indicate that from the cell with the "3" in it, you can "shoot" a laser in all directions such that it touches 3 cells.

2 possible solutions to that would be:

X | X
- 3 -

or maybe

- 3 -
X | X

The objective of the game is draw these lasers in such a way that every single cell in the grid has one laser in it, and every numbered cell shot all his lasers.

For instance in this grid:

X 2 X 1
X X 0 X
X 2 X X
3 X 2 X

The solution would be:

(|)(2 -)(1)
(|)(2 - -)
(3)(- 2 -)

I thought this kind of puzzle was cool, and is similar to the likes of Hashi so it would fit right in this site :)

The only problem I find is: ....they may be too easy to solve.
At least they are in the magazine I see them in. Maybe someone else knows of a way to make them harder and more customizable and entertaining so they can be implemented in here.

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