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chaosmanor -> Adobe Flash crashes (12/19/2012 10:30:08 PM)

Is anyone else having trouble with Adobe Flash causing crashes on this website? I have used several browsers - Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and IE - and it happens on all of them. The last two versions of Flash have been a major problem for me. I am running Windows 7. I am not looking for fixes; I've tried lots of them from the Adobe website, as well as browser websites, and none of them have been permanent, satisfactory solutions. The browser manufacturers know that there is an issue.

I'm just trying to get a sense of whether this is really a major problem, or if it is only happening to a few people, in which case it might be a program conflict or some form of corruption in my system. Thanks!

Feidhlim -> RE: Adobe Flash crashes (12/25/2012 12:43:41 PM)

There are loads of us suffering from Flash problems. I can't sort mine out either. I'm now running XP and Firefox, but have tried other combinations with no success. The strange thing is, when I use the other PCs in the house (mom's, brothers', dad's old laptop) I get different problems even though they're all running the same versions of the same software.

Eg the PC I'm on now won't save my personal preferences and deletes Conceptis from the Adobe settings manager when I exit, but the PC in the living room crashes like yours, while the one that was in the kitchen wouldn't load Conceptis puzzles at all - it is now in PC purgatory waiting to be cannibalised for parts.

I think Flash is like computer flu, every PC suffers in different ways. Some PCs shrug it off and others just malinger and drive everybody nuts. Somebody needs to invent chicken soup for PCs.

Seasons greetings, happy 2013.

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