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Boodle -> Battleships - 10th Dec medium (12/11/2012 8:45:57 PM)

The free puzzle this week, a medium difficulty, seems even harder than last week's free one, which was medium plus. either i'm getting dumber or the battleship puzzles are getting a lot harder!

mosher -> RE: Battleships - 10th Dec medium (12/15/2012 7:30:44 PM)

Hi Boodle,

No self flagellation in this forum <g>! You are perfectly correct that the 8x8 Medium free puzzle this week was harder than it should have been, due to a human error in the specific grading process for these 8x8 puzzles. Please accept our thanks for pointing this out to us, enabling us to fix the problem. We are confident that the future puzzles will be correctly graded.


Moshe Rubin
Battleship Puzzle Product Manager

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